Have I been vaccinated and do I still need a PCR test to travel?

Have I been vaccinated and do I still need a PCR test to travel?

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Holidays are approaching, and many of you are asking questions about PCR testing and vaccination. Yours, Suzanne, control measures and access conditions vary depending on the destination.

For example, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Austria, Tunisia and Denmark open borders to people who have been vaccinated without borders. But not everywhere.

In Spain, until June 7, when the situation changes, you must submit a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. Even if you are vaccinated.

For Italy, the embargo imposed on the French has been lifted since May 15, but this means that PCR testing of less than 48 hours is no longer mandatory. Even vaccination against Kovid-19.

A negative PCR test conducted 72 hours ago in Portugal is still mandatory. However, an exception remains in the Madeira archipelago, where vaccinated people can access it without restriction.

Direction Germany. From midnight on Sunday, May 23, 2021, German authorities downgraded France from a highland to a high-risk area. This means that under this 24-hour law, cross-border travelers are exempted from the probationary requirement to enter Germany. If you want to stay longer in Germany, it is mandatory to present a PCR test of less than 72 hours on board.

A 10-day curfew is in effect for travelers, except those who have been vaccinated for at least two weeks.

It is strongly recommended that you be aware of the laws in force in your country of departure before you leave.

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