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Hate Speech on the Internet: The “Secret” of Climate Change

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Researchers in the study conducted by the German Potsdam Institute for Impact Research Weather There are indications of how well people are able to adapt to high temperatures, and if temperatures are too high or too low, there is an increase. Hate speech throughout InternetRegardless of social and economic differences, religion or political beliefs.

The researchers found that online hate speech increased as daily maximum temperatures rose above 21 degrees Celsius. Climate, moderate.

Social relations and climate change

Dr. Head of Department of Sociology, Helwan University. Khalid Abdel Fattah said in an interview with Sky News Arabia, “In social studies there is a close relationship between the nature of climate and social life in general. The forms of nature affect our social life, the temperature and nature of the land people live in, which gives a particular shape to our lives as humans, for example between desert and agricultural environments. Patterns vary.

Abdel-Fattah also mentioned that the change in temperature rate, one of the leading climate indicators, affects human tendencies and social relations. This study tells about a test sample in America at 30 degrees Celsius. Conducted in China, for example, the rate of impact on social media discourse was recorded at a temperature of 35°C, so the temperature itself is related to the nature of cultural and social communities.

Be it in the family, work or society in general, people’s awareness of the effect of weather on people’s mood saves people from many difficulties and problems. Khalid Abdul Fattah thought. A society like Egyptian society has different effects than the same situation in a less dense or less dense society. A more abundant standard of living.”

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Abdel-Fattah said: “In this study, he found that the impact of climate change on humans is taken seriously. If this aspect is neglected, it will inevitably cast a shadow on our lives and social relationships.”

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