Has the iPhone 13 (temporarily) increased battery capacity? Will the new MacBook Pro be released in October? Until.The latest Apple rumor summary-Japanese version of the gadget


Apple’s special event has finally arrived hereAnnounced officially from 2:00 pm on the 15th, The next iPhone 13 (ent official) The official announcement is also in the countdown stage.Is the eighth generation iPad out of stock before the next model is announced?The wave of greed seems to spread around the world by midnight on the 15th.

Has the iPhone 13 (temporarily) increased battery capacity? Will the new MacBook Pro be released in October? We will send you the latest Apple rumors together.

Is the iPhone 13’s satellite communication function only available in certain areas?



First written this week “iPhone 13”A video that looks like a real Apple case has also been released(Although counterfeiting is still possible), I have an impression that the name is going to fulfill the prediction of the official name.

Meanwhile, it was reported last weekIt is rumored that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with a satellite communication function and will be able to communicate even outside the service area of ​​the communication carrier.There is a follow-up report. In other words, while it is true that new functions have been installed, Bloomberg reports that the target area is limited to “areas where mobile phone radio waves do not reach and some markets”.

When it is said that calls can be made anywhere using satellite communication, “now, next year or in the near future” it is impossible. Waiting for hardware that has not yet been developed can remove many barriers other than technology, and there is likely to be a setback from mobile phone companies that rely heavily on iPhone sales.

However, among users who plan to replace it with the iPhone 13,There is also a questionnaire result that satellite communication is the most popular (expected) new activity.Apple is likely to move the project forward.

Additionally, the GPU performance of the A15 bionic (provisional) chip installed on the next iPhone is likely to surpass not only the A14 of the iPhone 12, but also Samsung’s next-door Exynos 2200.Unconfirmed benchmark results have also been released.. It may seem very attractive, especially to users who appreciate the convenience of 3D games.

The mini LED display for the next MacBook Pro will be shipped as planned, which will be released from October to November.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

While the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7, the third-generation Airpods, and the 9th-generation iPod and iPod Mini 6 (Tentative) are expected to be announced at a special event on the 15th, the next MacBook Pro is expected to be somewhat omitted. Increase.

According to the Taiwan DG Times, the MacBook Pro series with a mini LED screen is likely to be announced in October-November. Although rumors of this being announced were repeated several times during this time, it was still reported that the production of a new technology, the mini LED screen, did not increase the yield rate, but it was eventually put on track. I got on.

In addition, due to a long-term shortage of semiconductors, total exports are expected to reach 4 million units by the end of the year. It is planned to significantly increase the number of exportsThere is also analyst analysisIt is assumed that we are also focusing on the production of the next MacBook Pro.

The next MacBook Pro is available in two variants, 14-inch and 16-inch, both equipped with the “M1X” with an improved M1 chip, the design was completely redesigned, and the touch bar, which was not popular at all. , Has been discontinued. On the other hand, external ports such as HDMI and SD card slots are expected to improve.

That “little”The theory is that it will be 14 inches higher than the current 13 inchesThere are also. It’s short and high performance, which is annoying.

iPhone 14 (Temporary) Predictive Image Released. Is the notch disappearing and turning into a punch hole?

Apple is developing Face ID at the bottom of the screen, but isn’t it time for the iPhone 14 (temporarily)? Experts predict

IPhone 14

IPhone 14

Before the announcement of the iPhone 13 in 2021, the expected iPhone 14 (temporary) image was released in 2022. In addition, it usually takes two to three years to develop Apple products, such as the iPhone (which also requires the preparation of a distribution network for large-scale production), and it is not surprising that information on the prototype is leaked more than a year later.

Familiar and popular Liquor (sends influential information about unreleased products of interest) John Proser mentioned the details of the iPhone 14 along with the pictures. “Notch and punch hole” “Thick body to eliminate bumps on rear camera” “Titanium frame” “Round volume button like iPhone 4, 5” “Lightning connector lasts at least some models.”

The highlight was the “notch punch hole”. To achieve this, it is necessary to place the parts for the Face ID for face recognition stored in the notch under the display (for that, open a punch hole to ensure visibility), so the possibility of a “Face ID” immediately at the “bottom of the screen” is high.

But display analyst Rose Young tweeted, “The Face ID under the panel is not final. We are still working on it.” He added, “It’s easier than putting the camera at the bottom of the screen.”

At the bottom of the screen is the Face IDFamous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is also expectedAfter all, the selfie camera will be placed on the screen (the notch will not disappear, it will get smaller), which will be accepted on the iPhone 15 (temporarily) in 2023 — that is, the time of the iPhone 14 with Young not expected. It matches.

After all, in the iPhone 14 generation, the adoption of punch holes may end up being “one of the prototypes not appearing in the world.”

Has the new iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpod increased battery capacity? Leaky forecast just before the event

IPhone 13

IPhone 13

Famous leaker Max Waynebach made a quick statement about the new product that is expected to be announced at the event on the 15th.

Most of it is expected by other analysts and leakers, especially Ming-Chi Kuo’s detailed possibilities regarding the camera quality of the iPhone 13 are better than the iPhone 12 (and up to November 2020).Was reported.

However, Weinbach’s forecast is that “the iPhone 13 Series, the Apple Watch Series 7 (temporary), and third-generation airpods all have increased battery capacity.”There was also a test result that the battery consumption in the 3D game was remarkableSo, it seems that few users are paying attention to this.

And the Apple WatchThe sleep tracking watch is recognized in OS7 and laterHowever, even with the current latest model Series 6, the battery capacity and length have not been increased, so a reminder to charge before bedtime has been added.“The processor will be smaller and the battery capacity will increase accordingly.”However, if it is true, usability seems to be greatly improved.

Will Apple abandon its collaboration with automakers and move into its own “Apple Car” development and manufacturing?

Apple car

Apple car

Rumors have been circulating that Apple is in talks with automakers earlier this year to build self-driving EVs (electric vehicles), also known as “Apple cars”.Contacted Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, RecentlyToyota’s name was also mentioned.

However, according to a recent article in the Korean media, Apple has abandoned its joint development strategy with automakers and moved on to developing it domestically. It is rumored that Apple has decided that the launch of the car will not be delayed yet, but the fact that several companies have appeared as candidates and disappeared as partners shows the difficulty of negotiations.

One reason Apple negotiated with Hyundai was that the standard EV platform was “e-GMP”.There is also analyst analysis.

As a result, the development period of Apple cars will be significantly reduced, and Apple will be able to focus on integrating autonomous driving hardware and software into the existing product environment, and the added value will make it a “very high quality” model.

In other words, when piggybacking on a partner’s platform, Apple may differ from the company’s standard model and strengthen the image that the automobile manufacturer’s part may be subcontracted.

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