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Has Snapdragon 888, Realme Race been released on this date?

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Logo Realme. (Realme) – Some time ago, company officials revealed that it was HP Leading Realme The new one will be released after the Chinese New Year. Recently a company executive uploaded a teaser Realme GT 5G.

The popular leaked digital chat station has revealed that the device has been named before Real Race As a Realme GT you will carry an identity personal identity.

The digital chat station also revealed that RealMe Race or RealMe GT will have the Snapdragon 888 flagship chipset.

Since December last year the company has been using the code name ‘Race’ to show off its features.

However, some hints released by RealMe CMO Xu Qi suggest that the device could be launched in China as RealMe GT.

Leak about RealMe GT. (Weibo)

Today (18/02/2021) the company executives confirmed that the Realm GT5G will officially launch in China on March 4th.

The icon in the bottom left corner of the poster indicates it New HP The top-of-the-line Realmec chipset will have sales points, upgrade rates and faster charging features.

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Quoted by Gizmochina, RealMe Race or RealMe GT5G is predicted to use LED screens with upgraded rates up to 120Hz.

The device has a 6.81 – inch LED display with 3K resolution and 160 Hz upgrade rate.

Realme GT Teaser.  (Realm China)
Realme GT Teaser. (Realm China)

The RealMe GT5G is the company’s first mobile phone with 125W Ultradart fast charging technology. Liquor revealed that the new cellphone will be available in two variants, a leather or glass backing version.

Nigo Real Maya real-time device code RMX2202, which has passed TENAA certification, could possibly be converted into real-time GT5G.

Tena’s listing shows that the RealMe GT5G will carry a 64MP camera and a rear body bearing the “GT” logo.

Previous leaks related to the Realm GT or Realm Race include 12GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 256GB of internal memory, and RealMe UI 2.0 based on Android 11.

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