Harsh words of Mahamat Idris Debi, retreat of the Church

Harsh words of Mahamat Idris Debi, retreat of the Church

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In Chad, the inclusive national dialogue has been suspended until Monday, and the headquarters of the opposition party Transformers has been surrounded by police for three days. The party boycotting the inclusive national dialogue had planned to hold a meeting yesterday on Saturday but was prevented from doing so. Some have detained hundreds of activists since Thursday, and yesterday the leader of the ruling party had harsh words against the Transformers.

With our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra nako

Jibril Bassole, the facilitator representing Qatar, was the only person with access to it. Headquarters of Transformers Police blocked access to the building since Friday morning. On Saturday evening, the former Burkinabe foreign minister was able to negotiate with the leader of this opposition party, Success Masra, and according to the latter, the lifting of sanctions and unconditional release. Activists were imprisoned Continue as prerequisites before any discussion.

Around the same time, members of political-military movements, signatories to the Doha Peace Accords participating in the Inclusive National Dialogue, and the President of the Transitional Military Council Mahamat Idris Debi Itno There were harsh words against those who boycotted the dialogues and mainly against The Transformers.

“Touching the crumbs to climb the balcony of illusion and division is a choice, but it is better to go to the meeting room of history and participate with all the representatives of the nation in discovering the grooves of tomorrow’s Chad. Patriot” Mahamat Idris Deby began.

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The clash between the Transitional Military Council and the opposition is a sign that what is already underway is likely to continue for a long time.

And to listen : In Chad, the challenge of an inclusive national dialogue is to “draw a political horizon in the country”.

The Catholic Church has suspended its participation in the work of the DNI

Amidst this tension, in a statement released last night, representatives of the Catholic Church, through the voice of Bishop Waingu Bani Martin, announce the suspension of participation in the Non-One Dialogue. ” We have the impression of participating in an election campaign “, lamented the bishop.

We suspend our participation in sessions so as not to accept one group’s control over the conversational process.

Waingu Bani Martin: “Noting the crisis of confidence between different groups, we do not want to appear as supporting one party against another”

Human rights organizations have also issued an ultimatum: unless the military lifts the blockade around the processors, they will not participate in the resumption of dialogue, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Monday.

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