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Harry Styles stays at a fan’s house after the car crashes and leads people into the woods

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The British heartthrob not only stays at the fan’s house, but also helps feed her fish and leaves a note, because she’s not home when he’s down.

AceShowbiz – No, this is not a Whatpad fan fiction. Harry Styles On Wednesday, October 28, a Twitter user revealed that British Heartthrob was staying at a fan’s house when his car crashed during a recent shooting.

Not only did he stay at her house, but Harry helped feed the fish and left a note, because a fan named Theodora was not at home. The note reads: “Theodora, my car crashed on my street. Let your father’s friend wait for me at your house with a cup of tea. I’m totally devastated that we left each other. I want to see you soon.”

But that’s not the only thing a fan gets while staying at Harry’s house. On the cover of his album “Theodora, I send you all my love. Sorry, we left each other. Until next time.”

More than 7,000 people retweeted it and more than 32,000 people pressed the love button on the post. “WhatsApp has taken control of the simulation,” one person reacting to the story scoffed. “I don’t want to tell this person what to do or anything, but it’s no exaggeration to say that I get the‘ I fed the fish ’tattooed on my wrist arm,” commented another.

One person wrote, “How real is he? He’s like the prototypical teen killer Heartthrob Crush. I understand why people are now writing fanfix about him. He wants me, but I got it.” At the same time, one person agreed that if this had happened to him / her, he / she would have collapsed. “If I come home and find that my teen’s Celeb Crush was in my room, I will be unconscious. Lol it’s like a fangirl’s second best fantasy scene. How beautiful!” So the person said.

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