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Harry Styles’ mother defended herself after being criticized for wearing clothes

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Mom Ann says the ‘watermelon sugar’ hitmaker has always loved fancy clothes since childhood.

Harry StylesMum Ann retaliated against critics of her son’s gender-neutral vogue cover photoshoot.

Harry made history last week (end15Nov20) as the first man to have a solo cover for Vogue – but his decision to adopt a feminine outfit for some snaps has drawn criticism from US right-wing commentators. Candace Owens And Ben Shapiro And their followers.

On the UK TV Show “Lauren“On Tuesday, Ann jumped on her son’s defense – explaining that she had always encouraged him to play” dress “.

“I think I have something to do with them, because I’ve always been a big fan of fancy dressing with them when they were little, and that (Harry’s sister) Gemma always hated, but Harry always accepted,” she said. “But who doesn’t love playing dress-up?”

The mum, who is raising money for a charity called Parkinson’s UK, said she hopes to see Harry, who allows Covid-19 restrictions, this Christmas.

“Who knows what will happen, but I’m crossing my fingers,” she added. “If I could not see them it would be a very different Christmas. They are both vegetarians now, so I’m the only one eating turkey!”

Harry’s gender style has improved elsewhere since the bosses of the online fashion shopping platform topped the list of 2020 power dressers after smashing searches, views and sales volumes from their customers.

“Watermelon Sugar” beat maker Beyonc to second place, BTS rapper RM In third place.

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