Harmony Handle’s sermon highlights the Messiah

Harmony Handle's sermon highlights the Messiah

O Harmony Tonight’s speech highlights Messiah, Since TradePerformed April 13, 1742, at the Music Hall in Dublin, Ireland.

At the time of its debut, O’Malley was an Easter offering, yet today it has become a common Christmas piece.

For many choirs, the Messiah is a specialty throughout the year.

Unlike other handle lectures in which the choir sings only short choruses and is dominated by soloists, the choir plays an important role in making a great emotional impact and modifying the messages.

Within a month of August and September 1741, Handel wrote The Messiah, and the next day, 1742, he wrote practically all day long, aiming for Easter.

Handel was German, but in 1712 adopted London as his city of residence and work. He lived there for 49 years until the end of his life.

However, he chose Dublin, Ireland for the Messiah’s debut, perhaps because it was a prosperous city with an elite class that wanted to show its modernity with cultural events.

Handel did not like the reception of the London audience last season, so he decided to try out his new work in Dublin, and then took the speech to London.

Today’s date also marks Handel’s death in London on April 14, 1759. In his life, he was well known to the public, he knew how to please his colleagues and contemporaries, and later Mozart or Beethoven.

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