‘Hard money should not be earned’

'Hard money should not be earned'

Jews are the greatest enterprising people in the world and the richest people in the world. Jews make up 0.25% of the world’s population, yet they hold a third of the world’s wealth. How is their money-making mindset so beneficial?

The Jews are very good at taking advantage of every opportunity to earn money, and even if this opportunity can earn only one dollar, they will never miss it. If there are 10 dollars, they will think about dividing the 10 dollars into 10 opportunities, if there are 10 eggs, they will divide them and put them in 10 baskets, not all in one basket. Jews do not like to gamble, so they always have opportunities to make money. If you want to be rich, you must learn the mentality of the rich.

The first step to changing your judgment is to change your mindset. The Jews teach: “One should not earn money with great difficulty.”

1. Whether you admit it or not, the more you work, the poorer you become

I don’t know about others, but personally, I’ve never heard of someone who got rich working for a paycheck. Most rich people rely on startups to make money. The more comfortable people are in wage jobs, the less money they have. We will not discuss people with millionaire salary here because these are rare cases.

When you feel that the effort you put in is too much but the pay is too little, you can make a long-term development plan for yourself. If you don’t have skills, go to school, if you don’t have experience, collect, if you don’t have a relationship, go collect, in short, don’t let yourself believe in 5 words. Earning hard money”. If you want to earn hard money, you have to endure the hardship of learning.

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Choice is more important than blind effort. Apart from salary, I never thought of earning money from other sources before and thanks to that, my overall income also increased exponentially.

So, any time you work hard for money, you should understand that choice is more important than hard work. Making money depends on your brain, the more you use your brain, the less you sweat.

2. Learn how to make money and earn money while you sleep

If you work for salary, even if you work hard every day, you will get very little salary and you will have food only if you work. At this point, you should learn more about the “Make Money While You Sleep” method.

For example, if you have expertise in a particular field, you can put a paid course online so that people who want to learn will buy the course, then you will have an additional source of income. , your profit will be permanent with an investment. Earning money while sleeping is a way out of your difficult life.

3. Find your hobby and grow it

Everyone has their hobbies and making money doing what you love will help you make more money and be happier. If you are doing a job that you don’t like but it pays you a pittance, why not try to break even, do what you love and live happily every day.

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So find your hobby, make it big and make money with it, that’s what makes happy money. As long as you can jump out of the pitiful money-making cage and change your mind, I’m sure you’ll be successful one day.

Jews own 1/3 of the world's wealth, and their money-making mentality is very beneficial: don't make too much money - Photo 2.

In the Jewish book “Talmud”, there is a law that they call the Eternal Law, namely Deuteronomy 22:78. In nature, the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen is 22:78; In the human body, the weight ratio of water to other elements is 22:78; In society as a whole, the ratio of the rich to the average person is 22:78, and their wealth to the average person is 78:22. That is why in business, Jews always follow a proverb: “Precious goods are goods prepared for the rich.”

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To be clear, money belongs to the rich, so you better make your money from the rich. What kind of person you want to be, you must first approach such a person.

As the saying goes, choice is more important than effort. Do you want to hit a crowded country road, work hard every day to get ahead, or choose to take the highway?

When you choose the right path, you can quickly accumulate wealth. All of the above information is derived from the Jewish Talmud, which is also the mindset of the rich.

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