Happy Birthday Clint

Happy Birthday Clint

what happen Old proverb Is it bad for you to expect happy birthday? Everyone greets him in advance, but not him Clinton Eastwood Jr. Was born Today in 1930 in San Francisco. From the family of origin Irish, Scottish, Dutch, English, Strictly speaking, son’s Clinton Eastwood Sr. (1906-1970), according to trade Worker in a steel factory And wife Margaret Ruth Runner (1909-2006), Impigata Not IBM Clint a Actor, Director, Film Producer, Music Director, We liked it immediately Half a cigar in the corner of your mouth Inside Sergio Leon Dollar Western Trilogy. we have Infinite reasons It leads us Loving This rocky, always bad gentleman who helped us appreciate his characters there Outer hard skin, But only to save Sensitivity and a righteous heart There are no voids. The heart that led him in real life He also exposes himself to Republican candidates Controversial, always manages to go beyond any obstacle Biased and ideological. Clint belongs to everyone. During this period Front, generalized collisions, It is a living utopia.

But not everything in his life has always gone the right way, for example, he was forced to change Ten schools in the first ten years of his schooling, Grew up shy and introverted for a long time Handed over to the grandmother They had a farmChicken Farm in Sunol. When handled by father Find a permanent job In Auckland Container Corporation of America, Eastwood was able to enroll Auckland Technical High School There he became an enthusiastic student and tried Satisfy parents, He was very respectful. He was also involved in sports and had some success On the local basketball team Its 1.93 m. In Summer months He was trying to help the family Forest ranger, woodcutter, gas station attendant, warehouse worker.

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Anyway happy birthday Clint Eastwood

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