Hanoi University of Science and Technology announces line outline review of thought experiment

Hanoi University of Science and Technology announces line outline review of thought experiment

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The pre-qualification registration system for the Hanoi University of Technology Thought Test will officially open on April 20, 2021 at 09:00.

On April 19, the University of Hanoi University of Technology announced a review design for the Thought Test. Accordingly, the thought test is 180 minutes long and is divided into 3 parts.

Candidates find information about Hanoi University of Technology on the day of admission

In 2021, in addition to the ability to select and enter skills in high school graduation exam results, by 2021, the results of the Hanoi Science and Technology University Thought Exam will apply to 59 majors and training programs. Create. With these test results the target of the selection method will be 30-40% of the total school quota.

The Thought Test is designed to assess candidates’ ability to apply basic knowledge and certain skills required to study successfully in the fields of science, engineering and economics. Knowledge content and exam questions are tailored to the characteristics of Vietnamese education and built on an innovative approach to the world.

The thought test is 180 minutes long and is divided into 3 parts: math, reading and selection (including 03 options). Of these, the math section is 90 minutes long (multiple choice and essay); The Reading Comprehension section is 30 minutes long (multiple choice); 60 minutes Elective Exam (Multiple Choice)

Content Thought testing is in general education with the requirements of different levels of knowledge, from comprehension to creative application. Inside:

Accounting Section (Liability) 90 minutes to assess thinking ability, practice problem solving and apply basic knowledge of mathematics, while at the same time evaluate advanced mathematics and science subjects, engineering at the university level of the candidate. The math section consists of 25 multiple choice questions and 02 essay articles.

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Reading comprehension (required) It takes 30 minutes to evaluate the ability to read quickly, with proper comprehension, reasoning and reasoning from the text to analyze, explain, generalize and synthesize the text. The reading comprehension content of the exam is diverse and rich, mainly related to natural sciences, technical sciences and technical subjects. This test consists of 3 to 4 readings, each lesson is approximately 800 – 1000 words and after each reading the candidates will have 7-10 questions to answer.

Physics Section (Optional) 30 minutes long with 15 multiple choice questions. Knowledge of this experiment is part of the high school program, which focuses more on grades 11 and 12: mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, modern physics, and relevant basic knowledge and knowledge. Analyzes data for experimental processing of phenomena, practical physical processes, understanding physical measuring instruments.

Chemistry Examination (Optional) 30 minutes duration with content of 10th, 11th and 12th grades of high school program issued by the Ministry of Education and Training. This section asks the candidates to understand the basic concepts of chemistry, to understand the nature of chemical processes and to apply them to solve related problems.

Biology Department (Optional) There are 15 multiple choice questions of 30 minutes duration to assess the ability to think and apply basic knowledge of biology in solving real world problems, while assessing the candidate’s ability in biology, science and engineering subjects at the university. Level.

English Test (Optional) It is 60 minutes long Including 60 to 70 multiple choice questions containing the knowledge content of the English program at the high school level administered by the Ministry of Education and Training.

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Review the 2021 Hanoi University of Technology Thought Test Outline Here

The results of the thought assessment test are the basis for applying for admission in combination with BK1, BK2 and BK3 to all formal university majors at the University of Hanoi and some other universities. Thought testing is based on a 30-point scale.

The advance registration system for participating in the Thought Test will be officially open on April 20, 2021 from 09:00. The fee for those who pass the pre-qualification round and qualify for this exam is 250,000 VND.

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