Hangarth painters to be exhibited in Pond-avan, Ireland in 2022 – Pont-avan

Hangarth painters to be exhibited in Pond-avan, Ireland in 2022 - Pont-avan

Gathered at a public assembly on Saturday, March 19 at La Longer de Nisson in Pont Aven, the stock hanger painters of the particularly busy year 2021 took over. As they celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, the results are almost certainly positive. No less than five plans for 2022 were discussed and discussed.

Five projects have been completed

In May, painters from Nisson will perform an Irish stroller on their own. They are invited to Galway to present an exhibition and animate a painting workshop with the local population.

Another highlight of the year: Hungart celebrates 100 years of black bread from Le Bux Bakery in Croissant-Kergos, where the workshop is located. A tribute to take on different forms with activities that have stalled throughout the year. “Ideas flow, and it’s a question of incorporating all of this into the music, depending on the speakers at the appropriate time,” the office explains.

Other scheduled exhibitions: During the months of September-October at the Postcard Museum and the Peros-Guerrero Museum, this summer, as part of the exhibition: “Museum of Painters of Women, Brittany”. An exhibition in Lambelle is still under discussion.

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