Hand and ship, how it works

Hand and ship, how it works

With New Dpcm It was banned on January 16 Change between regions Extend the emergency until February 15 and April 30. How will the rules work for those returning abroad?

Kailash and the ship

This is to be expected Of quick kaylas Or molecular to European countries, shipbuilding liability for returnees from Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore and Thailand, and some special laws with Brazil and Great Britain concerned with the English and Brazilian variant.

Those returning from abroad must present the Kailas produced within the previous 48 hours,

Board It is mandatory for the carrier to be present during boarding Anyone assigned to execute checks will receive 48 oBefore entering the national territory, a molecular or antigenic test was performed with a kylase result and a negative result “.

Without Buffer, Subjecting the passenger to loyal isolation. People returning, staying or traveling within 14 days before returning to Italy, Austria, France, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands; Listed in Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Africa, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Principality Admission to the Department of Defense must be notified.

As for Quarantine, Intended for people who have lived in Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Korea, Thailand and Singapore for the past 14 days.

Brazil and UK laws

For Brazil The UK has special rules. For the United Kingdom until March 5, you can only return to Italy if you have lived in Italy before December 23, 2020, or if you are in a condition to do so. You also need to subject the presentation of the double negative kailas to isolation. In the case of Brazil, the ban on all connections to Italy has been suspended until January 31.

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