Hamek wants to postpone the census for at least six months. Statisticians claim that the law – 24T24 – Czech television needs to be changed

Hamek wants to postpone the census for at least six months.  Statisticians claim that the law - 24T24 - Czech television needs to be changed

The census of people, flats and houses will begin ten years later (March 27 to May 11, 2021). There will be one instead of three forms. Statistics would like to know the answer to the following questions, for example: Do you own or live in a rented apartment or house? How many members live in it? What modes of transportation do you usually use? Which nationality or ethnic group do you report?

Preference should be given to people who fill out the form at www.scitani.cz. “They don’t have to add themselves, but people can add anyone with his or her consent, that is, members of their household, as well as other employees, if people agree,” said CZSO Chairman Marek Rojak.

Hamek: The world will not collapse if the time limit is changed

If you do not fill out the questionnaire online by April 9, the Census Commissioners will go with the paper forms. There will be more than eleven thousand of them. This is what the Home Minister currently thinks is problematic and is proposing a postponement. “We have been talking about it for at least half a year, more than a year. This means that if we add up a year later, the world will not collapse and from my point of view there will be danger, ”Hamek said.

However, the law allows the census to be postponed for a maximum of 30 days. “The law needs to change here, and we see this as a very serious option,” Rojak said.

Commissioners’ relations with the people should be significantly reduced

A variant statistical office and check post has been set up which significantly eliminates the relationship between the Census Commissioners and the people when distributing the forms. “Our delivery people will have protective gloves and they will have veils. Those forms will not be delivered inside a specific home, but in front of it,” said Matteo Vitak, a spokesman for Check Post.

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“To collect the forms, it is thrown into the mailbox on the envelope, or left at the contact point, which is essentially the workplace of the check post or check statistical office,” Rojak explains.

The Census Commissioners will assist in filling up the forms if required. People will also have an information line. Statistics estimate that two-thirds of the population intends to complete the questionnaire online.

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