Halloween Full Moon, Blue Moon: What it means

Halloween Full Moon, Blue Moon: What it means

Our great beauty.
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Days after it came out that the moon was wet this weekend, she would really go.

Yes, that’s right, there will be a full moon on Halloween night. But this is not a typical Halloween full moon; This is a very special Halloween full moon. It is very rare to witness a full moon on Halloween – it happens once every 19 years or so, and usually only US time zones see it at night. But what we see on the 31st is even rarer: it’s a blue moon, meaning the second full moon in a single month, and it will be visible across the US. Of course, a lunar blessing.

Now you, like me, are wondering how this remarkable event will affect you star-turned. In the expert opinion of the astrologer Kira TabornLately the planets have been lined up for things leading up to the US election, talking about the cut full moon – with space – “jayanEvoor ,,” can be made to “stir things up in this way and you don’t see Wolden doing that.” Cool.

As for the full moon-Halloween combination, time will tell. You definitely should Avoid busy, indoor parties For public-health reasons. Also, it’s hard to imagine a combination that is more dangerous than a full moon (high emotions), clothes (giving relative anonymity, which encourages you to engage in bad behavior), and alcohol. I will gladly wait until 2039, the next time there is a full moon on Halloween, to see what kind of toxins it produces.

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