Halle Berry is shocked that no other black woman has won an Oscar in 20 years

Halle Berry is shocked that no other black woman has won an Oscar in 20 years

Halle Berry is back at this year’s Oscars, but she’s not in the mood to celebrate.

She plays a lone caged fighter in Bruce – and directs the film.

But Halle believes she’s the only black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

When she won the award for Best Performance in a Motion Picture Ball in 2002, it was hailed as a defining moment for Hollywood.

Against her tears, she told the tinsel own elite at the time: “This moment is so much bigger than me. Every woman of unnamed, faceless complexion receives this award because this door is open tonight.

Halle Berry won an Oscar in 2002

Nearly 20 years later, the 54-year-old Halle is again nominated for this year’s Oscars in April.

But she did not expect it to change.

She said, “Because of my heartache tonight I really thought that soon after that other black women of color would be standing by my side.

“It’s been 20 years now, and no one has done it, so every time an Oscar comes I think a lot and think‘ maybe this year, maybe this year ’.

“It simply came to our notice then that no one else was there.

Halley suffered two ribs during the shooting of Bruce

“You could argue that there might be other women who are not there, and I expected there to be some others with me in 20 years. .

“This moment is very important, because so many people have come to me over the years, and this moment has changed their thinking about what they can achieve, what they want to do or what they are doing. They thought they could do it – the moment. I know this value is real. “

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Since the first Academy Awards in 1929, 92 white actors have won the Best Leading Actress award.

Halle, the Bond girl in the 2002 film Die Another Day, is the only black actress to win the Best Prize – despite 12 other nominees.

Eight black actors have won the Best Supporting Actress award. But Hollywood has been plagued by racial and gender inequalities for decades. Halle is concerned that there have been minor changes to campaigns like #Oscarso-White.

Halle as a widow at Monsters Ball

Ironically, her new role in Bruce was originally written for a 25 – year – old white Irish woman – but Hall convinced the producers to give her the role of a comedian.

She says, “I know as it is written that I will not be in this role. But what I liked was a classic fighting movie.

“People like to root for the underdog.

“I loved the fracture and rupture of this character and I would love to see a movie about recovery.

“I want to see the human spirit rise, to see someone rise above the obstacles.

Halle as Jinx Johnson on the dial another day

“Most people are involved with it, because we all struggle that way at some point. We struggle to survive and show things to ourselves and our family to do things right.

“So there was so much about it, it seems like I know it instinctively.

“It’s my job to allow the producers who own the rights to this film to allow me to recreate it for a middle-aged black woman and how I can play this fighter and tell this story.”

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Halley came up with a different approach – recreating the world, the characters, and the neighborhood it set up – and sent it back to the producers.

She was surprised when they agreed, and then asked to find her own manager. In the end, she convinced herself that she would take on the role.

Halle with Valentina Shevchenko

In the yet-to-be-released Netflix movie, Halley plays the abused martial arts fighter Jackie Justice.

Her return was blocked by a strong opponent, Lady Killer, played by real UFC Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko (32).

Born in Kyrgyzstan, Shevchenko Hall showed the ropes and the two became best friends. But the shooting was quite difficult, in short.

Hall broke two ribs when he suffered a chest and knee injury in a crucial showdown.

Mum-of-two, who is immersed in jujitsu, judo, taekwondo and kickboxing, said: “When you do your own stunts like me, you have to accept that there are dangers. “Halle started a production of her own in 2014 and hopes that black young actresses will also take control of the system.

Halle Berry

When asked what motivated her to control her creativity, Halle said, “I am inspired to see so many women writing, producing, directing, and telling our own stories in our own form, in our own lands, and dare to do it.

“I am inspired by those who support people of color and those who recognize these opportunities and support them in their journey. So it starts to feel better. X-Men star Halle draws inspiration from her own real-life hardships while presenting complex characters. Divorced three times, they have faced litigation, custody battles and bitter breaks.

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She says, “Every time I get these roles, I have a comfortable experience and healing of my own. I can share some hidden parts.

His final role may include fractures in the most physical sense of the word. But if there is anyone who knows how to win against all obstacles, it is Halle Berry.

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