Hacker attack in Ireland: NHS services suspended

Hacker attack in Ireland: NHS services suspended

‘S computer system Irish Health Service Suspended after widening Hacker attack. Government leaders report that hospital reservations cannot be made as a precaution and to protect personal data.

In the tweet lHealth Service Executive Explains that all health IT systems have been shut down in order to protect the basic safeguards and take the time to assess the situation. As specified, quantity is not included in the program Anticoagulant vaccinations, Which currently continues to be regular. It is not clear how it will affect the Irish health system. Maternity hospital With rot Dublin reports that he is canceling regular appointments, calling the situation a “serious emergency”.

Biden: “There is no evidence that Moscow is behind this.”

This is the second such attack on a national computer network in recent memory. He was targeted for about a weekColonial pipeline In the United States, millions of motorists are at risk of running out of gas. For the first time in six and a half years, a gallon (3.78 liters) of gasoline averaged more than $ 3 in the U.S. due to fuel shortages at East Coast service stations. The six-day closure resulted in long queues at gas stations and difficulties filling up fuel in several southern states, including Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.

Meanwhile, the American president Joe Biden He said the Russian government was not behind last Friday’s cyber attack. “So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange,” he said. ransomware And in Russia. “The FBI and other federal agencies are investigating.

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Hacker alarm in Italy

This is an alarm from hackers affecting other countries as well. In Italy in 2020, in the opinion of the Home Minister Louisiana Lamorge, Cybercrime increased by 33%, and cyber attacks targeting serious infrastructure more than doubled last year.

“Cyber ​​security – added by the head of the Ministry of the Interior – is the basis for the institutions, public administration, the infrastructure that provides essential services, the economy and the overall well-being of society at the national and European levels.”

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