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Hackday Links: December 13, 2020

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Our sun is getting a little faster these days, and maybe we’re rewarded The best screensaver image ever taken. Incredibly detailed photo of sunlight in January by Daniel K. The Inoi Solar Telescope is a 4 meter device with adaptive optics that can capture the sun from near-infrared to visible wavelengths and fix surface details up to 20. Km Photo of distinct “eye of sorone” shape, showing massive convection cells around dark sunlight; The accompanying animation shows the motion of the plasma through the oppressed lines of the magnetic flux causing the formation of sunlight. It’s worth seeing, and it’s more interesting about the technology that went into capturing it.

With the dust around GitHub YouTube-DL DCMA removal in the minds of the open source community, GitHub Universe 2020 An interesting discussion about maintaining open source software projects It is a must see. The challenges that YouTube-DL administrators face in operating the device and their efforts affect the people and groups who depend on them. To underscore that point, a researcher at Human Rights Watch explains that they rely on YouTube-DL in their work, and that they comply with all API changes that constantly break open source devices such as YouTube-DL. More critical caregivers.

Speaking of GitHub, here is a new device that is scary and attractive: Dipix, Password D-Pixelizer. Developer Zipke Mlema noted that his company often uses pixelization to hide passwords in documentation and wondered if he could undo the process. He wrote an article Describes the pixelization process using a linear box filter and his method of attacking it, in which he creates a de bruyne sequence in the same font, text size and colors as the original document and assigns its screenshot and the pixellated password to the device. . We suspect it only works for a subset of obscure passwords, but it’s still very clever.

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‘Season for Advent Calendars, and People in QEMU posted theirs. Open every 24 doors in the calendar and you will get a downloadable QEMU disk image that executes something interesting. Minesweeper, a Ray Tracer that goes well with a boot loader, is definitely Conway’s Game of Life. The GW-Basic image on the third day caught our attention – bringing back some memories.

For anyone who has ever seen a Pixar film and wondered how that animation actually works, here it is Great lesson in creating art with math. Video is Inigo quilts, and goes through the basics of rendering images using remarkable SDFs or signed remote functions. At first, it seemed like a bit Drawing an owl, But it is interesting to note that his descriptions of mathematics and each element of the animation are just a different formula. What’s more, there it is A live rendering tool There you can check and edit the code. Alas, my changes made things worse, but it was fun and instructive to play with. Check out the video after the break!

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