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Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race: Beautiful People With Denise Van Weinberg

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This is a significant ship that sails from Brest Harbor this Sunday at 2 p.m. Twenty-four Imoca (Monohales participating in the Wendy Globe), eighteen of whom competed in the final round of the World Route, will compete in the Guider Bermuds 1000 race, aiming to prepare for the Root Dum 2022 and make the necessary racks. Wendy Globe 2024 Qualifying Miles.

The arrival of the first boats at Port du Chato in Brest is expected on Thursday, May 12th. This race for the Emoca Globe Series World Championship will qualify for Route Dum 2022. The 24 Skippers will compete in a 1,200-mile course, which will include a passage to the Fastnet lighthouse in southern Ireland. They will then take the direction of Cape Finister to reach Waypoint Gallimard, northwest of Spain, before returning to Brest. The direction of the route is defined depending on the weather.

Among the experienced staff, newcomers and new boats, the shares will not be less and will allow many lessons to be learned. To reach the starting line, 24 participants must pass a safety check in their monohouls and many must complete the 500-mile qualification. So, this is a return to emoji, which, after a long winter, will allow Skippers to rediscover some, to find sensations and others to get acquainted with their new mount.

For Denise van Weinberg, the priority is to rack the miles for rum and the Wendy’s Globe after a family delivery trip from Les Sables de Olon. His Imoca “Les Laboratoires de Biarritz” is not a brand new monohole (Editor’s note: Hungarian Nandor Fa “Spirit of Hungary ‘was launched in 2014) and cannot compete with the latest boats. : Apivia (Charlie Dalin), Bureau Valley (Louis Burton), MACSF (Isabelle Joshke), Bank Popular (Nicholas Lunwen) or La Mi Colin (Arnoud Boisier).

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