Guy recreates the scene from Elf and meets Daddy

Guy recreates the scene from Elf and meets Daddy

– Like a real life movie, the story of Buddy Elf meeting his biological father came to life, within the holidays. Doug Henning wore a costume similar to that of an actor Will Ferrell Elf When I first met my father face to face at Logan Airport in Boston last week. He even broke the same bad song in the sample lines of the 2003 film: “I’m here, with my dad. We ‘ve never seen him, and he wants me to sing a song for him! “When he left the airport, he must have thought I was crazy,” Henning, 43, of Elliott in Maine, told “It was a good way to break the ice.” The AP reports that his biological father did not get the joke because he had not seen the movie, which is about a man who grew up in the North Pole and meets his father for the first time. But that did not stop him from giving his son a big hug.

Henning said he was raised by “wonderful” foster parents. Like in the movie, the father did not know about his son. The two met at Zoom and were able to thank Henning’s father, Boston. “It’s weird to have the same style and different things, you think about where you take things in life,” says Henning. WHDH. “You don’t know, you see someone doing this.” Henning said he was inspired to play the character Elf After watching the movie before the meetup. The father had a son and became a grandfather.

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