Guy Acosbury says La Rochelle is a great achievement in the European Rugby Cup final

Guy Acosbury says La Rochelle is a great achievement in the European Rugby Cup final

“This is a great achievement”Guy Acoberry, France’s rugby consultant, on Sunday, May 2, following La Rochelle’s 32-23 victory in the European Cup semi – final against the Irish province of Leinster. “Rocheles did not achieve it out of jealousy or excitement. They put in real rugby ingredients. They do not deserve their success.”, Former French International added.

Video >> Summary of Stade Rochelle’s victory over Leinster in the semi-finals of the Champions Cup

franceinfo: What fascinated you most around La Rochelle?

Guy Acoberry: First there was the start of a match where they struggled a lot. But do not panic. They scored points, but very few. They had a very strict defense. There was never any panic. Gradually, as the match progressed, they gained more prominence than their opponents from the 45/50 minute until they overtook Leinster.

“This is a hell of a performance. They don’t deserve their success.”

Guy Acoberry

To Francinefo

They are mostly KO successful, so this is a huge achievement. But most of all it was a great performance from the La Rochelle team, which for several weeks, even for several months now, has shown us its status and has been able to maintain this high level. Congratulations to this team.

This Leinster team is one of the best in Europe …

Yes, they won Pro 14 last weekend, a match that brings the Scots, Welsh and Irish together. In the final, they defeated Munster, another large province of Ireland. The team, which has been in Leinster for perhaps ten years, will reach the last four of the European Cup each year. They won it four times.

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This is the best with the Saracens, they are two ogres in the European Cup. So in practice beating the three-quarters Leinster in the Irish team is a great performance. The Rocheles did not achieve it out of jealousy or enthusiasm, they put in real rugby ingredients and deserve their victory without a problem.

La Rochelle-Toulouse in the final on May 22 at Twickenham, the legendary stadium in London. After all, a French victory in the European Cup was guaranteed. The first one after 2015 …

Yes from Tolon. These are two very good teams: Toulouse and La Rochelle. Since the start of the season, they have been in the top 14. They fly over the top 14, and they can even calmly prepare for this final because they have a small margin that will allow them to run and control the upcoming league matches. They show us that the top two in the top 14 are the two best in Europe. This proves that the level of the top 14 is very good. We have seen the French team make progress, so they are all connected, which is very good for French rugby. At the Temple in Twickenham we will have a European champion team on English soil and for me it will be really 50/50.

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