Guinness World Records for TV broadcasting


Photo Credits: Getty Images, Istock Photo, Verlih (22), HR, Adria Filmworley, Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures Germany, Paramount, Imago Images, Constantine Television / Mike Cross, Netflix, Montage: Arne Dedert / DPA, Hendrik Hayden / Geendorfer Pictures / DPA, Soren Stitch / DPA, Imago Images / GPA Images, Video Sales and Marketing, – / Paramount / DPA, Brian Douglas / Universal Pictures / DPA, Imago / Everett Collection, Imago / Nyspex World, Imago / Future Image, Imago / Image Broker / Strasphot / Michael Cupert / Michael Cupert Zentralbild / dpa, Warner Bros.; Montage: TV Spillfilm, BR / Geyserfil Pictures / Hendrik Hayden, Christoph Kopsel / Getty Images, Poole / Getty Images, NDR : Verley, Sender (3), Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., TNT,, StudioConnel, Twentieth Century Fox, Senator Film, Netflix, Netflix.

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