[GUIDE] Shining Event: Part 1 to the fire in the Harry Potter Wizards Unit

[GUIDE] Shining Event: Part 1 to the fire in the Harry Potter Wizards Unit

Monday, September 20 from 10pm to 10pm Monday, September 27th. (Paris time), Participate in the “Fire”, the first part of the new intense event. Try to complete your registry by completing the tasks provided by CSM.

Important information

  • Consider taking a free package at Diagon Alley. It contains the following components.
  • The brilliant 1.5km portkicks are available during the event.
  • The following establishments appear more often in the wild and boost when using a trace detection tonic.

Findings from the “Flame” – Part 1

Quidditch World Cup pitch

Jobs in the Fire – Part 1

1 1/4 in the flame

1 2/4 to the fire

“15 Quidditch shoots fans” – Hermione Granger, Quidit Fan – Luna Lovegood, Quidit Fan – Neville Longbottom, Quidit Fan Quidit fans can find!

1 3/4 to the fire

“Collect 5 Runstones: Prisoner of Pledge, lv. 1 – By bringing fountains from the event, you will fill the event chests with runstones.

To fire 1 4/4

Bonus jobs

If you complete all the missions ahead of time, you will have a chance to earn some bonus rewards.

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