Guests from 14 countries are at the start

Guests from 14 countries are at the start

Ig energy is excellent, and the need to compare athletic performance – even within pandemic controls – is unbreakable. From April 14 to 18, CSI Westergeellerson will showcase in 2021 how to achieve international equestrian sport at the event site in Luhmehlen.

Excellent sports program and hygiene rules
The Luhmehlen Spring Tour includes a tour of internationally small, medium and large, and a CSI for young horses. In addition, riders with amateur status are allowed to start their own tour. Meanwhile, the national event of the Luhmahlen Spring Tour will take place from April 19 to 21. The tentative equation and the two major tournament courts enable events that are subject to the same hygiene rules as before. Keep your distance, wear a mask, and contact the registration office online – all of this has been a routine for a long time. “We have a tried and tested hygiene concept and we adhere to it,” said Carl Heinz Klaassen, first chairman of RV Der Montagos Club EV.

After the outbreak of herpes in Valencia in February, the World Association of Laos in Lausanne decided to set time-bound rules for regulation so that the class and group could develop ideas that could work for the protection of horses. If you would like to take part in the CSI Luhmehlen Spring Tour, you will need to measure a fever on all the horses mentioned ten days ago, enter the values ​​in a form, and measure the fever on each horse upon arrival. This continues every day of the tournament.

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Organizers have converted the mobile stable section into several tents: boxes for less than 400 horses in total are lined up in the back row, the tents are set up at a distance of 10 meters, and there are insulation boxes on the safe side. Herpes infection is not fundamentally new to horseback riding, which is why we know that hygiene is crucial.

Partners from 14 countries
Registration for CSI came from Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Russia. However, not all horses and partners are from these countries but must live and work in Europe and comply with travel regulations. Willem Greaves from the Netherlands: “Like the groom, I need a negative PCR test to measure horse fever. All of this is practical, and I’m glad something happened in Luhmahlen. We have nothing here, practice tournaments with very strict participation restrictions. “

Sweden’s top rider Rolf-Goran Benglawson has lived in Schleswig-Holstein for decades, and has a short trip to Cാന്sandra Orshel (Hamburg), or Alexa Stെയ്s, who works in Morse, near Verden, starting for Poland.

After all, German riders are happy to be able to take part in the international Luhmehlen Spring Tour – even though there are no visitors to the site. Derby winner Nisse Leneberg (Hetlingen) seizes the opportunity, following world-class rider Marcus Ehing (Borken), Felix Hahmann from linen and former European champion Marco Kutscher (Bad Essen) via Sport Online from Luhmahlen

Instagram: rvdermontagsclub

You can find results and more info here Here.

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