Guard: British Screen Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with a historic edition

Guard: British Screen Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with a historic edition

Opening and closing

Two preview events in the program. The festival kicks off on Friday, March 11 at 9pm at Semaphore, with the last Dinard Festival featuring the limbo of Ben Sharrock and Hitchcock D’Or. The film focuses on the plight of refugees stranded on an island in the north of Scotland, waiting for the administrative processing of their asylum application. The director knows the subject well and he himself worked in a refugee camp. In conclusion, on Sunday, March 20, at 6:30 pm at The Bright Side, Semaphore, in the presence of director Ruth Meehan, who arouses breast cancer with humor and subtlety.

Terry Gilliam

Former Monti Python Terry Gilliam is an extraordinary figure in cinema, having made only 13 films in four decades, and was able to create a unified and bizarre universe that he could capture with an ultra-wide focal length that now bears his name. The director had to postpone his visit to Nimes, and he will not be able to perform the sessions scheduled for Saturday, March 12 (1.30 pm in Brazil and 9 pm at The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), but he will send video presentations. Terry Gilliam will present Jabberwocky (Sunday 13, 4pm at Semaphore), Monty Python, The Meaning of Life (Sunday 13, 8:30 pm at Semaphore), Bandits, Robbers (Monday, 14, 10am at Lizzie Dowd), Les Aventures du baron de Münchhausen (Tuesday) 15, 9:30 am Lycée Daudet), Tydland (Tuesday 15, 10:15 am Carré d’art). La Vengeance aux deux visuals will be presented by director Marlon Brando (Monday 2, 8:30 pm) in collaboration with the Carte Blanche Association.

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Stephen Friars

From biographies to literary adaptations, from social to music, Stephen Friars is a jack of all trades, scrutinizing British society through many eyes. He will be attending the second weekend of the festival, featuring Florence Foster Jenkins (Friday at 6 and 6 p.m.), Philomena (Friday at 6 and 9 p.m.), and Liam (Saturday at 9 p.m. , Bloody Kids (Saturday 19, 2pm at Carré d’art), The Queen (Saturday 19, 6:30 pm at Semaphore), The Hit: Killer is almost perfect (Saturday 19, 9pm at Semaphore), My Beautiful Landret (Sunday) 20, 11 a.m. at Semaphore). Stephen Friarrez (Friday 11, 4pm at Carey Art), Madame Henderson presents (Tuesday 15, 1:30 pm at Carey Art), a personal history of Sami and Rosie L ‘at the Film Festival. Air (Tuesday 3, 4pm Carré d’art), Mini-Series A Very English Scandal (Friday 6, 2pm Carré d’art), Dirty Pretty Things (Friday 6, 10am at Lycée Daudet).

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