“Guaranteed minimum income is the required safety net”

"Guaranteed minimum income is the required safety net"

“At 18, you need a job, not an allowance”, Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne has called for the RSA to be extended to those under 25 years of age. While 15 million young people live below the poverty line, many left-wing MPs have been supporting the bill for new rights since the age of 18. The text was debated in the Senate on Wednesday, January 20 He will reach the assembly in March.

Today, more than one in ten young people between the ages of 18 and 29 live in poverty. According to the Observatory for Inequalities. While LRM’s General Delegate Stanislas Gurini promises to lend 10,000 10,000 to young people between the ages of 18 and 25, Nadia Okbani, a political science lecturer and Certop member at the University of Toulouse, urgently wants to generate guaranteed income from the age of 18.

“The RSA is for the suppression of the rights of youth under the age of 25.”

What do you think about the government’s refusal to make RSA available to young people under the age of 25?

This is a deviation. The main argument put forward by those who oppose the expansion of the RSA is based on a familial approach: we rely on family unity. In this view, helping young people is tantamount to discouraging parents. However, it maintains social inequalities and punishes young people from backward classes, in which parents do not have the resources to help their children financially.

Others move forward l

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