Guadalupian Emily Mauer, global soccer player

Guadalupian Emily Mauer, global soccer player

29-year-old Emily Maver is part of a closed circle of Guadalupian professional soccer players. After getting to know more than 10 countries and several championships around the world, she decided to settle in Luxembourg for this season at Entente Wormaldange Mansbach Grevenmacher, a first division club.

Emily Mawr’s athletic journey reminds us that there are many actions in life and that you should never stop believing in your dreams. At the age of 15, Petit-Bourgeoisie (originally from Petit-Bourg), who had been playing in the men’s division of the ASC Carnage since the age of 5, realized that he could no longer play football with the boys in the league. A heavy blow for the teenager at the time, especially since the Guadeloupe Women’s Football Championship was in its infancy. Pugnacious, Emily Mawr didn’t want to stop playing sports, and her mother understood that well. The latter goes in search of a new sporting discipline for her daughter and remembers the time she attended a few training camps for basketball player Mikael Peters. Bingo, Emily you play basketball. A few weeks later, the youngster signed with MJCA. But because Emily didn’t do anything like the others, through hard work she was promoted to Junior – Senior and won three titles as Senior Guadalupe Champion.

Within 4 years, his progress was so remarkable that his coach at the time, Miguel Gelas, advised him to attend discovery camps. With great game vision, the then 19-year-old Guadalupe was discovered by an American university: West Los Angeles College. It’s 2012, and Emily Mawr doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to live her American dream. There, sports are a compulsory part of her school curriculum and she chooses to take soccer lessons, surprising her classmates and sports teachers. Fast and technical, her skills and qualities do not leave the coach of her university’s women’s soccer team indifferent, and she offers to join her.

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at Guadalupe’s Emily Mawr Field.

©Emily Mawer

“He saw me playing and asked me if I didn’t want to play for the football team. But I explained to him my situation because I was already playing with the basketball team and two seasons had ended. So I had to make a choice… At 19, in the United States, I decided to return to football. .” Emily Mawr explains

Philious Fogg, the hero of Jules Vernes’ novel, completed his world tour in 80 days. Emily Mawr wanted to imitate her, but with an extended pleasure. It’s now 3,850 days since hers began, and she has no plans to stop there. Her journey introduced her to Canada and its prestigious university, UQAM, where she rediscovered the joy of being a soccer player. Albi Reserve via Regional 1 in France, then the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and today Luxembourg. At the age of 29, Emilie Mauer finds a new championship by signing for the first division team Entente Wormeldange Mansbach Grevenmacher in August.

A lot of people wonder about my career choice, especially when we did in Italy and Spain, but Luxembourg was a championship that attracted me and I had a good relationship with the coach and the sporting director. […] It’s not because we didn’t win the French championship or because we didn’t know the big European clubs that our careers weren’t successful.

Emily Mawr.

Emily Maver doesn’t understand why it’s so hard for women to get professional status in 2022. Women do not have a federal contract in Luxembourg, yet they train every day and some make a living from their sport. During her European trip, she only had professional status while in Cyprus. However, not enough to discourage the Guadalupian, who plans to continue her world tour.

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But above all, she doesn’t forget her hometown and the regional women’s championship in Guadeloupe. Striker or winger, depending on her coach’s style of play, Guada knows the girls well from participating in many rallies. She hopes Guadalupe’s selection will gain strength, especially through external encounters, because, according to her, the pool of promising players is strong on the island.

Meanwhile, Emilie Mauer finds her new club and makes her mark in the Luxembourg Championship, with the idea of ​​winning a French D1 club still floating in her head.

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