Grouppo Bind plans to triple SME clients with innovation and technology

Grouppo Bind plans to triple SME clients with innovation and technology

The Group’s strategy is to utilize technology to provide dynamic services to SMEs who are far away and do not have much time in the hinterland of the country. This means that the experience on tablets, PCs or cell phones is dynamic and simple, and can be done from anywhere. “We have a great project in giving credit to companies. We believe that growth is an area that needs to be supported,” said Sabina Osomek, Executive Manager, Bind Group Companies. “Our commitment is to include business clients by 2022 and we are preparing technical skills for them,” the board told Ambito. “Our idea is to triple the number of clients we currently serve. 3,000 to 9,000, he clarified.

As of February this year, the industrial bank had assets of $ 68,220 million, according to financial statements reported by the central bank. The firm has liabilities of $ 64,588 million. It has a loan of $ 17,846 million. Of these, a single signature is recorded and a $ 7,500 million rebate is given, individually for $ 4,000 million.

Everything we borrow with direct funding from clients, companies with a network of branches, companies advancing in systematization and technology, working capital loans, certain leasing agreements, and document discounts. Credit invoices have grown significantly in recent years. “Osomek explained. The board said the volume of business banking loans increased from 60% to 70% last year.

Osomek noted that the group includes BIND guarantees, a mutual guarantee company. “Through it, SMEs have recently been growing in establishing guarantees for loans and discounts on third-party checks,” he said. “Over the past two months, more than $ 1500 million in loans have been guaranteed, regardless of check discounts, which speaks to 100% annual growth,” he explained.

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The firm has 37 agencies in the city of Buenos Aires, GBA, the interior of Buenos Aires, C കോrdoba, Mendoza, Tucuman, Santa Fe and Salta. “In addition to the growth of technology, Osomek has indicated that we have a strong commitment to include talented people, because we believe there is a lot of potential within.” The suggestion is to offer a business client approaching the organization for help, saying, “Before the credit rating, we believe we can respond within a day and not have to wait weeks.”

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