Group of Florida mayors urge Desantis to issue mask mandate

Group of Florida mayors urge Desantis to issue mask mandate

A group of mayors in Florida visited the government. Ron DesantisRon Desamtisfaced Needs, Voters Choose Gall School Choice ‘-Anti-Crowd’ Stands In Florida Your Land ‘Legislation Resolutions To Develop Law Desires America: Why Biden Should Prioritize More A Minimum Wage (R) Issue a statewide mask mandate during a conference call on Wednesday to discuss the COVID-19 eruption in Sunshine State.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel Miami Beach, Sunrise, st.

“It’s not clear that Florida’s approach to dealing with this pandemic is failing miserably,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber (D).

“The window closes and closes quickly,” added Carlos Hernandez, mayor of Hialia. “If we’re not doing anything sitting here, I do not want to be the one sitting here talking about closing businesses or overcrowding hospitals.”

The mayors said the mask mandate is one of the key steps needed to allow businesses in Florida to remain open to prevent another corona virus outbreak.

The rate of new corona virus cases in Florida has risen in recent weeks but has not reached high levels earlier this year. On Tuesday, less than 7,500 new cases were reported in the state. 905,000 infections have been reported since the onset of the epidemic.

Desantis, Republican, best ally President TrumpDonald John Trump 1 percent of voters will say simple tea immediately: of course the poll is reversing Michigan County, attesting to the unanimous vote Republican Senator Results: Simple More Important Cybersecurity Should Not Be Official Fire, Preventing the issuance of measures to address the virus adopted by other governors in smaller states. In September, he banned local officials from enforcing mask mandates in various parts of the state.

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