Grimaldi, Belgium-Ireland new seaport with Ro-Ro feeder service – Courier Maritimo

Grimaldi, Belgium-Ireland new seaport with Ro-Ro feeder service - Courier Maritimo

From May, the port of Seabreg will be added to the two-weekly line operated by Grimaldi in Northern Europe connecting the ports of Antwerp and Cork.

Naples – A few weeks after launch, the Grimaldi Group is enriching its ro-ro feeder service between Belgium and Ireland with a new stop at Seabrug.

From next Saturday, July 24th, thanks to the new route, the service will depart twice a week from Seabrug Port and return from Antwerp to its destination, Cork.

At the Seabrug Port, Grimaldi Group will take over P&O Ferris’ terminal, and the company will expand its cooperation into commercial operations. With the new Seaburg Port, the efficient rotation of cargo flow will be ensured with more competitive, safer and environmentally sustainable connections compared to the road corridor that crosses the United Kingdom.

In addition to the zebra, Antwerp, the Grimaldi Group’s headquarters in northern Europe, will continue to be in service, reaching as many as 140 ports as part of the network of connections offered by the Napoleonic Company.

The ship used on the Zebrug-Antwerp-Cork service is the Italian flagship Eurocargo Barry Ro-Ro unit, 200 meters long and 26.5 meters wide with a total tonnage of 32,632 tons and a speed of 23 nodes. Thanks to the moving bridges, it can carry 3,850 linear meters of rolling goods and 200 cars.

Eurocargo Barry is a modern and environmentally sustainable Ro-Ro vessel that will significantly improve the carbon footprint of cargo between Ireland and the European continent. In addition, Antwerp and Zebrag are located in strategic areas and are easily accessible from production sites in Belgium, the Netherlands, northern France and Germany, making this service even more environmentally friendly, as trucks and trailers travel shorter distances by road.

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Emanuel Grimaldi, CEO of the Napoleon Group, announced: “We have decided to further optimize commercial transportation between the continent and Ireland, offering industrial customers double choice boarding and improving transit time, to strengthen the Antwerp-Ziebrug port axis as a logistics, maritime and industrial hub.”

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