Gretchen offers a life consulting service: “Not to experience what I have already experienced” – who

Gretchen offers a life consulting service: "Not to experience what I have already experienced" - who

Gretchen (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Gretchen got another job to add to other activities. In a conversation with Qum this Friday (08), the singer revealed that she will open a space to give life advice to anyone who wants to pay for the wisdom of Queen Memes. Without disclosing the value of her goution advice, she will give advice online about any area in person or to those who have no way to go to Belam (PA) where she currently resides.

“I think I have made all my dreams come true. But my big dream, life consulting, was what I wanted to do on a TV show. Now, even television is hard to do. Maybe in the future we will do this on TV. I want to present a program. It will be in Belam, but we will have a phone to hold meetings online with outsiders. I’m not a therapist, but I do see people talking. Not to experience what I have already experienced, ”he declares.

The idea for the new venture is from Hubby, Ezra de Zoza. “I have always seen and suggested people answering on Instagram. I see a lot directly: ‘My son is gay, I don’t know what to do’. And the son: ‘I want to tell my family that I am gay’. I have a lot of experience in understanding people. This is a process. This is not something that is simply played and happens. It is a process that parents and children build together. I will also talk about self-esteem, self-love, and adoption, I have two adopted daughters, among other things. ”, He explains.

Gretchen and her husband, Ezra D'Souza (Photo: Reconstruction / Instagram)

Gretchen and her husband, Ezra D’Souza (Photo: Reconstruction / Instagram)

Gretchen (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Gretchen (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

While she serves as a life consultant, the saxophonist will offer rake and music therapy. “Ezdras is a very nigu person, he graduated from Reiki, we have very similar energy, we make mantras, we have all the commands for entry and our patron Nosa Senhora de Nazari. We have a similar .nergy. But I want to show people that self-esteem loves you.
Regardless of what and how you are. I was like that because I was a little girl, and there was already one thing that made me think I was big and beautiful, which could get me into trouble. But over time, I started to get stronger and stronger, ”he says.

But anyone who thinks Gretchen will leave the stage is wrong. “I already have a show ready, new music, and Sdras has a new instrument. We are waiting for the record company to reorganize due to the epidemic. We have a lot of projects. I do not know international touring. I was going to tour a lot in Ireland and London, but the vaccine will take some time. I believe we will have to wait until the second semester from now on, ”he believes.

Now, the couple is committed to renovating their new home in the capital of Para. “We’re still in Ezra’s apartment, renovating, painting, fixing, and we only change at 30. We created a reality show because it’s good for people to follow this moment. The people here are so affectionate that they realized we were there and nothing was there. They get in touch and say: ‘Can I have lunch or a snack?’ The people of Para are very affectionate. I have not yet achieved the status of a citizen of Para, but I have been offered. The end of February will be the year I live here. It’s very good here, we have not even seen time pass, ”he concludes.

Gretchen (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Gretchen (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

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