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Grenoblois Louis Biel Biari continues against the Welsh language

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Competitions are linked to Louis Beale Beare and Bluet. Six days later Tough win against Italy (13-11), the third day of the sixth Under-20 tournament, against Welsh on Thursday in Cardiff (live in France 4).

The FC Grenoble winger is one of six holders who will continue to play against Italians and Welsh. Along with him, second-row Thomas Ployette, Adrian Varion, third-row Pierre Bochaton (US Brescine) and Killian Tixerond have all recovered from injuries to the Transalpins, and center Emilian Gailton.

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The French Under-20 team, which has to capture the order of the matches in this short 2021 tournament, will be looking for a second win in the match to avoid England and Ireland escaping.

In front of her, they will find Wales, who beat Italy (25-8) before a sharp defeat against Ireland (12-40).

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