Gregory Aldrit knows “When he leaves, Leinster is a steam roller”

Gregory Aldrit knows "When he leaves, Leinster is a steam roller"

Like his players, he saw the end of the Irish performance against Toulouse the day before, after being set up at Felix-Bollert-Delis. Gayle Fickau: “I’m a racist, and I’m behind the scenes. He already did that last year. It will not be easy, because it is another level, they showed something absolutely incredible and terrible against Toulouse, one of the best teams in the world. But with Rochellez’s ability and mentality, they’re able to go big. They deserve it for a few years. ⁇

Must be innovative

“The final is very tough and tough. We know where we’m going to go, we’ve already played Leinster, we’re backing Gregory Aldrit. He’s extremely practical when it comes to your 22 yards. We have to move forward from this perspective. Is the Irish team. We know how he plays, everything is framed, measured, no doubt. As it goes, Leinster is a steamroller. That is the big challenge for us. We will go there with horns. We must attack them: we have a very good defense, on which we must rely and pay attention. Against them, we have the right to tremble a little, but we must not break. You need to be precise and disciplined without reducing the intensity slider. Because as we saw yesterday (Saturday), they cannot be prevented. ⁇

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