Greg Clark resigns as FA chairman after controversial remarks to government committee

Greg Clark resigns as FA chairman after controversial remarks to government committee

Following the resignation of Greg Clarke over “harmful, antiquated” and “extremely despicable” remarks, the Football Association began searching for a new chairman.

Eater McCormick, chairman of the FA’s professional game board, has been elected interim chairman following Clarke’s resignation following a storm of criticism.

The 63-year-old apologized after using the word “colored” to describe black players, saying that being gay was a “life choice.”

Anti-discrimination groups branded his comments “harmful”, “ancient” and “extremely criminal” via a video link before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee.

Clark also denounced black and South Asian people for having “different career interests”. She complained that the women’s coach told her that the lack of female goalkeepers was because the girls did not like to kick the ball. Those ones.

On Tuesday evening, the FA announced the resignation of Clark and welcomed the move by kick it chair Sanjay Bhandari.

Bhandari told Sky Sports News: “We are not talking about anyone here, we are talking about the leader of our national game on a key strategic issue of the FA, which leads to more diversity and inclusion in the game that makes everyone feel their own.

“These were primitive attitudes, revealing themselves in opinion after comment – a well-suited chair or CEO who knows exactly how to navigate it.

“This is not the first time there have been such incidents – as institutional racism is referred to as ‘fluff’.

“It’s not just the right attitude to lead the English game, it’s a basic attitude.”

Just two weeks after the introduction of the new diversity code to ensure that more candidates from ethnic minorities can access better jobs, the FA became embroiled in a new controversy.

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In 2017, former England forward Leon Sanderson, along with Eniola Alukoi, gave evidence in a parliamentary inquiry. Alleged racism within the game. The allegations against Clark have been described as “fluffy.”

Sanderson believes Tuesday’s developments show how much work still needs to be done in the movement for equality.

“I often question how these people get to these positions, and we wonder why racism and homosexuality are on the rise,” Sanderson told Sky Sports News.

Announcing Clark’s departure, the FA said: “As an organization, we are committed to promoting diversity, resolving inequality and combating all forms of discrimination in the game.”

The FA has not yet prepared the procedures for appointing his successor, but the preferred candidate must be approved by the FA Council.

Clarke is one of three FIFA vice presidents representing UEFA. Tuesday night reports suggested he would step down from the position.

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston wrote on Twitter: “Greg Clark’s remarks before today’s DCMS select committee have led to a heinous crime, which is completely unacceptable. I acknowledge his decades of service and apology to football, but it is only right that he should remain chairman of the FA.

We must ensure that opportunities are available to everyone in the sport, from athletes to board members, and face all forms of discrimination. I will continue to work with the FA and other agencies to ensure that our national game leads exemplary. ”

Equality campaigner Stonewall UK said: “It is the language we use, which is why Greg Clark used such a hurtful phrase as ‘life choice’ to describe himself as gay.

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It was very disturbing to hear the ancient words and stereotypes he used to describe the black and Asian people, along with the sexist stereotypes about the players in the women’s game.

Football v Homophobia said: “The idea that being gay is a life choice is an outdated idea that many will seriously criticize.

“There are some people who use a statement by the FA chairman as a way to promote their homosexuality.”

Former DCMS committee chair Damien Collins hopes Clark’s resignation will make some necessary changes to the board.

Collins said on Twitter: “Greg Clarke’s departure as FA chairman should be a moment for a fundamental overhaul of England’s football administration.

We need a body that shows real leadership in player development, well-being, fan engagement, inclusion, and financial sustainability. ”

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