Green pass liability in the workplace, and laws in other parts of the world, from Europe to the USA

Green pass liability in the workplace, and laws in other parts of the world, from Europe to the USA

The Italian government’s decision to make green passes compulsory for all public-private workers (vaccine for health workers), not just for access to places such as restaurants or cinemas, is one of the most restrictive in the world, but in many places the conditions affecting the workplace already exist or are about to take effect.


The rest of Europe, the closest case to Italy, is Greece, where all public or private employees who are not vaccinated are required to take one tampon a week at their own expense, while those who work in health care are responsible for vaccination.

France, Spain and Germany

In France, employees of restaurants, cinemas, museums, shopping centers, gyms, and long-distance transportation require a green pass. Other major European countries, such as Spain and Germany, do not currently impose special workplace restrictions.


Outside of Europe, Canada recently introduced a vaccine requirement for all federal employees from October 30, which also applies to those working from home, as their presence in the office may still be required. For those who do not match, triggers unpaid leave. Not only that: Employees or passengers over the age of 12 traveling by train, ship or plane – should be vaccinated.

United States

And exploit American workers. The vaccine is mandatory for federal government employees (all contractors working with the public); For individuals working in companies with more than 100 employees, one negative swab per week will suffice in the event of not being vaccinated. These conditions cover approximately 100 million U.S. workers. But it is important to remember that even individual states or individual companies may decide to impose stricter regulations. Google, McDonald’s, United Airlines and Microsoft are just some of the big names that force their employees to be vaccinated or, in some cases, fired.

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Saudi Arabia

Finally, in Saudi Arabia, public-private workers must be vaccinated or show recovery from Kovid, otherwise unpaid leave will begin.

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