Green Pass, Do I Need to Go Abroad? Here are the rules for countries by country – Chronicle

Green Pass, Do I Need to Go Abroad?  Here are the rules for countries by country - Chronicle

The Delta variant slows down the Italians’ journey. According to a ColdRete / X analysis, three million Italians have decided to leave the summer holidays for fear of an epidemic. Departurers will do so during July and especially in August during their stay in Italy. The uncertainty of the progress of an epidemic outside national borders carries a great deal of weight: New Ecdc Map He is colored Red and crimson Spain, Since Greece is yellow and red and most of France is yellow.

However, for those traveling abroad, it is important to know what documents are required to enter the various European countries and what the weight of the Green Pass is based on the country. Starting from a determination: Now the Italian government has decided to avoid transportation In situations where green certification is required, this will be discussed as early as next week. Therefore, In Italy from August 6th It will be a green pass Access to bars and restaurants is mandatory for those over 12 years of age, But tGrandfather and in the house, And access to gyms, cinemas, theaters or museums. Vaccine certification can also be used for outdoor events such as concerts or sporting events. Let’s see how other European countries behave.

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Macron’s France (Semi) was the first to push for the widespread use of the Green Pass as a pass to return to normal life. After protests and controversy, the show is mandatory from July 21st Green certification Or a negative buffer to provide cinemas, museums and sports facilities for everyone over the age of 12. It will be required from August Provide bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Again, this needs to be shown on trains, buses and planes.

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But even before that, To enter France from Italy (Categorized as “Green Country”) You cannot show the effect of a kylase only if you have already been vaccinated with two doses. (Two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer, Modena, and AstraZeneca vaccines; or four weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; or two weeks after vaccination of recovered persons) Kylase (rapid or molecular) must have a negative effect.

Subject to anyone arriving in Spain by air or sea from abroad, regardless of region of origin Health check Before entering the country: body temperature monitoring, documentary inspection, visual inspection of passenger condition. Documentary control is related “Public Health Form”, It provides a QR code for download and presentation from the Spanish Travel Health website.

However, in the case of France, the rules for entry into Spain also depend on the classification of the country of origin in terms of health risk. The rules described above are sufficient for those from low-risk countries, while the restrictions are more stringent for those from high-risk countries. With the exception of Lazio, Sardinia, Sicily and Veneto, Italy will not be in danger. (But until August 1, the classification is updated from week to week).

In this case, there isGreen Pass is very usefulThis is because a complete immunization should be given (14 days after the second dose). Or you should show the number of negative kylas produced in the previous 48 hours. Or again, a certificate of healing. Documents should not be in Spanish, and should be accompanied by a translation into Spanish (or in Spanish, English, French or German).

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Portugal faces a The highest level of infection and curfew has been imposed in many cities. Including the capital, Lisbon. Here it is Circulation is prohibited On and off the Lisbon metropolitan area on weekends, between 3pm on Friday and 6am on Monday. Negative Molecular Swab, built within the previous 72 hours, can only be removed by you (over 12 years of age) by introducing a quick kaylas or green pass within the previous 24 hours. Plf, Passenger Locator form is also mandatory.

In recent days many Italian travelers have found themselves at their own expense To enter Greece (of course to go to Greece) you need to fill out by midnight the day before (even minors who are already 12 years old). Passenger locator form. But that is not enough. Must produce European Green Pass Or certificate Complete vaccination at least 14 days; Of negative molecular kylase previously performed within 72 hours; Of rapid negative kylase previously taken within 48 hours; Certificate of Healing.

It is also possible that the quick sample will be subjected to kaylas, and those who reject may be sent back. But not so, because it will start on July 16th Showing a green pass is mandatory (Or Vaccination Certificates or Negative Consequences of Molecular or Rapid Kylase) Access to Bar and Restaurant All indoor entertainment venues.

You can enter Croatia With a green pass or with the negative result of a kylase With molecular (72 hours) or rapid (48 hours) or healing certificate. Those who do not have any of these documents should carry a tampon when they arrive in the country and isolate themselves until the results come out. Self-isolation for ten days is mandatory if Kailas is not functioning.

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The trip to the UK for tourism will take a few days. To enter the country, in fact, you must Submit a negative test in English, French or Spanish for the last three days. The Travel locator form two days before departure. But above all it needs to be monitored 10 days precautionary isolation. With the option you can reduce the shipping to 5 days Test-to-release On the fifth day of self-isolation, a paid check was made. It does not replace Mandatory departure checks On the second and eighth day of the tenth solitary confinement.

To enter Germany by air, you must present a green pass or documentation, regardless of which country you are from. Shows immunization for an antigenic (48 hours) or molecular kylase, cured or tested negative(72). This obligation does not apply to children under 6 years of age. Those arriving in Italy by land do not have to submit a negative test.

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