Green pass at school, mandatory in Italy, but in other parts of Europe? Here are the rules of the major EU countries

Green pass at school, mandatory in Italy, but in other parts of Europe?  Here are the rules of the major EU countries

It discusses presenting the liability of the Green Pass to all school staff. From September 1, the August 6 order, as established by law, requires teachers and atta to prove that they have been vaccinated against Kovid-19 or, alternatively, to show the result of a negative kylas performed within the last 48 hours Certificate of recent illness.

After all, there is no shortage of controversy over the practical application of this system, which now appears to be a unified one at the European level. Yes, only Italians are responsible for showing green passes to school employees, but there are other countries that have adopted different strategies, as reported by the fact-checking site. Political Report Card.

Green Pass, no “Wax” teacher lists. Privacy Guarantor: “Only validity certificates can be verified”. The Ministry is working to resolve the theories

In France, Spain and the United Kingdom, access to school buildings for those without a green pass – with certain restrictions – will remain substantially free, but instead many federal states in Germany have actually taken similar steps to those in Italy. That’s about it.

Compulsory green pass, that’s the school’s fake “no wax”. Their stories

In Italy

Mandatory Green Pass for all school employees from September 1 to December 31, 2021. Failure to comply with the rules will be considered an unfair absence for the first five days. Then the employment relationship and relative remuneration will be suspended.

Mandatory green pass for teachers and atta confirmed until December 31: Salary will be lost after 5 days of absence. Text The last sentence in the official gazette [PDF]

In Germany

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In Germany, there is no central government decision, but landowners have different rules. Individual states can independently control the restrictions and responsibilities imposed on students and school staff. For example, in Berlin, non-vaccinated teachers and students are subjected to two tampons per week, the same limit as in other regions such as Saarland, Saxony or Brandenburg. It should be added that in Germany there was a green light for rapid antigen testing that could be performed independently at home.

In the United Kingdom

There is no green pass in the UK. The government has instructed school staff to conduct two tests a week until the end of September, when the guidelines will be revised, but the procedure is not mandatory.

In France

School staff working in schools across the Alps do not have a green pass. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker recently confirmed that the pass does not require a pass to enter schools.

In Spain

Also there is no obligation to have a green pass in Spain. Green passport is not required to enter the school. In the next few days, the Ministry of Education will have to announce guidelines for the start of the new academic year, but it seems that the theory of compulsory vaccination and green certification has been dropped.

In the Netherlands

School staff who have not been vaccinated may decide to have a checkup twice a week as a precaution.

In Denmark

No vaccine or negative swabo recovery certificate is required to enter school.

In Ireland

The government, while recommending vaccination, has confirmed that teachers need not show any evidence of this. So there is no green pass here either.

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