Green flag from Lebanon for all Arab countries … Science Revealed ?!

Green flag from Lebanon for all Arab countries ... Science Revealed ?!
“Lebanon Debate”

It closed the door on candidacy for parliamentary elections, and former prime ministers were reluctant to run for office, and this did not come as a big surprise despite the repercussions it had on local and Arab forums. ?

In an interview with the Lebanese Debate, political analyst George Alam wrote about his readings on the reluctance of four former prime ministers to run in the parliamentary elections, and said, “Opposition to the candidacy of former prime ministers is a green light for an Arab League, from Egypt or from all over the world.” Those who take the incubator to the Gulf of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the sanctuary of pan-Arabism are in danger. ” ?

He added: “This is a warning to the Arab powers, which prompted me to say that the Arabs will not turn a blind eye to this issue. Not limited to a few dollars, but to help politically crippled Lebanon carry out a process of political awakening.?

“We need to take into account the fact that the French, perhaps the Vatican, and even the United Nations, and even the United Nations, are curious about whether this country should continue to be a model for so-called debates on civilizations and cultures.

What has been remarkable in recent weeks and months is the talk of a “free zone project” within Lebanon, and a map showing the proposal to divide Lebanon into three regions, according to a map published by the British newspaper The Independent. The plan is now within the US Congress and copies of it have been sent to the government and some European governments.

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The question is whether there is a plan to divide Lebanon and the extent to which this plan has been implemented. Definitely the most important parts that were a major component of Greater Lebanon. ” ?

According to Alam, “This means endless wars between the powers that be, one needs a patch of land because it needs another, and self-sufficiency cannot be guaranteed. I believe this is a project of dialogue between civilizations and religions.?

He said: “I do not see it, but I can say that we need a common word and do not threaten, calling us for dialogue, because Lebanese philosophy is dialogue and coherence between these cultural groups. We see that there are adults who consider the country as a model, so the destruction of this unique formula in the world is forbidden. ”?

Given the scope of the application of partition in Lebanon, what is happening as a precursor to this issue?

One: Of course, Lebanon cannot be a product of smart missiles. Lebanon can continue to be a product of a great idea and initiative, which is what prevents it.
Second: Lebanon cannot say its role is Arab, we see that Arab civilization in this country is in danger. We must remember that this Arab country embraced the Arabic language during the time of the Ottoman Sultanate and protected it from “Turkism” because of the presence of its thinkers and writers. ?
The third and most important thing is that Mount Lebanon was not able to achieve self-sufficiency when the idea came from an economic background from the founding fathers of the Greater Lebanon State, which needs to be added. The number of districts to this mountain to form Greater Lebanon in two economic and cultural contexts

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The new in Lebanon will not continue, “he said, adding that” in the eyes of the observer, there is a logic of power and extraordinary force and a tendency to use force to take Lebanon to where it is no longer needed.

He added, “The disintegration of Lebanon is like the elimination of this unique formula, I do not believe it, because Lebanon is still captured internationally, so we see indicators appearing a little on the ground, perhaps even after the election. Subject, whether it happens or not, if it does not happen, there will be another path, if it happens, there will be a path parallel to the first, all possibilities exist.?

Asked if the reluctance of former prime ministers would change the electoral landscape, Alam said: “I’m not interested in elections anymore, because if they do, they will never change anything from reality, and there will be an axis. With a majority in parliament, we will copy the current formula.” ?

“Elections may be the beginning of a path. This path is to hold a conference under the auspices of the United Nations, the aim of which is to approve a new social agreement that will close its gaps. Lebanon revives the idea of ​​a state based on the use of the term “Taif” after revising the gaps and shortcomings revealed in the “Taif Treaty” and training.?

Alam concluded: “Of course, if the election does not take place, there may be circumstances that prevent it, and this indicates that something urgent will prevent it from happening. The election will continue and the election will be a start. “Perhaps Arab or European cooperation with the United Nations and influential countries to find a formula to wake Lebanon out of repression?

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