‘Great opportunity’ to rebuild, Johnson says

‘Great opportunity’ to rebuild, Johnson says

Leaders of the G7’s great powers have kicked off a three – day summit with the aim of turning the world back on its feet in the wake of the epidemic. They must agree to give ‘at least one billion doses’ of vaccines to poor countries.

Pandemic obligations, heads of state and heads of state stripping each other naked for a traditional family photo, on the beach at the English seaside resort in Corbis Bay, Cornwall. For the first time in almost two years, this meeting allows work meetings to return, and this moment is wisely set aside to move forward in times of crisis.

“This is a meeting that really needs to be held because we need to make sure we are learning the lessons of the Pandemic and not repeating certain mistakes,” said UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He praised the extraordinary opportunity he had given the great powers to ‘learn the lessons of the Pandemic’ and ‘build on them in a better’ way in a ‘green’ and ‘better’ way.

The ‘return’ of the United States

Joe Biden has already set his voice on whether the summit will mark the return of the United States to the international arena after years of Donald Trump’s isolation. I want to strengthen our commitment to multinationalism and work with our allies and partners to build a more just and comprehensive global economy. Get to work, ‘the US president said on Twitter.

It seeks to mobilize a united front among its allies against Russia and China, which have already criticized the US desire to form ‘groups’.

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One billion vaccines

After the round table and commitment to girls’ education, before enjoying gazpacho, fried turbo and British strawberry Pavlova, Charles surrounded the leaders of the Rich Club, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Crown Prince. In the Eden Project, large greenhouses in Cornwall display the planet’s plant diversity.

The formal program includes the recovery of the global economy affected by the epidemic and the more equal sharing of anti-Kovid vaccines by rich countries, which have monopolized maximum doses for the harm of the poor.

In the face of growing calls for solidarity, Dominion Street urges leaders to agree to give ‘at least a billion doses’ with the goal of ‘ending the pandemic by 2022’. The United States has already promised to pay $ 500 million and the British $ 100 million, mainly through the Kovacs sharing device.

Insufficient NGOs like Oxfam to say that at least 11 billion doses are needed to eradicate the epidemic that has already affected 3.7 million lives worldwide. They are requesting that patents on vaccines be suspended to allow mass production.

Chinese challenge

The fight against global warming will be another priority at the summit, and the main UN climate conference on carbon neutrality (COP26) will be held in Scotland in November. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is aiming for a ‘green industrial revolution’ with the goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

He wants the G7 to be committed to conserving ‘at least 30%’ of the land and oceans by this time frame, in order to protect biodiversity. Seven Clubs hopes to encourage investment in green infrastructure in developing countries to stimulate and decarbonize their economies.

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Irish shadow

In the run-up to the summit, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden expressed a united front on climate emergencies and approved a new ‘Atlantic Charter’ celebrating their historic alliance between their countries. At the heart of the post-Brexit dispute between the United Kingdom and the European Union, they had publicly postponed the conflict against Northern Ireland.

European leaders intend to remind Boris Johnson of the ties he signed with London, which he wants to question in the face of anger in the British province. Local police said 3,000 people protested in Belfast on Thursday evening against the new arrangement after Brexit.


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