Great entertainment with little art on green grounds

Great entertainment with little art on green grounds

Great entertainment with little art on green grounds

07/22/2022 • Achim Soos • Views: 465

Annalisa Grimaldo (from left), Edelgard Arndts-Maray and Christine Müller-Kunz in the new trailer | Photo: Akim Suse

Wunstorff (as). Hajo Arnds had the right nose: “We don’t need a big garden,” the lively chairman of “KRuG” mentioned on the latest evening of the event about the program running at the same time in Herrenhausen. The green meadow on Blumenauer Strasse was the ideal location chosen by the Blumenau Cultural Space and Community (Krug) for their cabaret program with music. Between the Blumenauer Grove and the residential buildings, the small club prepared a stage, equipped the new “barwagen” and prepared the seating.

“Relationship Orphans” is polarizing

After initial problems with the loudspeakers, the “Relationship Orphans” from Hannover began with commitment and raised the index finger repeatedly. This was received with varying degrees of satisfaction: Arndts later remarked: “A didactic tone can often creep into the critical examination of social processes.” Others in the audience, on the other hand, didn’t feel instructed, but rather wonderfully entertained and thought-provoking. Even more applause for the magician “Kalu”. The 100-odd guests were immediately captivated by his tricks. His method of inviting children and adults on stage and acting as assistants has been well received.

The highlight of the evening was Daniel Fernols’ appearance as “Kalu” from Wunstorfer. The singer came up with his own songs and peace songs. His rendition of “We Shall Overcome,” which he performed unplugged with the audience, was a jaw-dropping moment.

Der Verein hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, das baufällige Blumenauer Gasthaus zu retten, und hat derzeit 19 Mitglieder. 14 von ihnen hatten den Abend auf der Wiese vorbereitet und betreut. Ihre nächste Veranstaltung richtet sich an Familien mit Kindern zwischen vier und neun Jahren: Das Figurentheater Marmelock zeigt am 12. August ab 16 Uhr auf der Wiese am Blumenauer Wäldchen (bei Regen in der Corvinuskirche, Answalder Straße 20) das Stück "Mutig wie ein Löwe".
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