Great Britain: Northern Ireland – between Brexit and the new government

Great Britain: Northern Ireland - between Brexit and the new government

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans include Brexit’s gains. The future of Northern Ireland and the border issue are not mentioned.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Labor leader Carey Stormer and other MPs entered the British House of Lords on Tuesday, they spoke loudly and animatedly – despite the traditional opening ceremony for the Queen’s Parliament. Usually, from her throne, Elizabeth II silences men and women with a short and stern look. Usually. The 96-year-old was unable to fulfill her duty on Tuesday due to health reasons. She was represented by her son, Prince Charles, who first introduced the British government program for her.

The proposed legislation revolves around stimulating the UK economy

The media described it as a “historic moment” that provided a glimpse into the future of the British monarchy under King Charles. But Tuesday’s focus was not only on the future of the British crown. Prince Charles presented the plans of the government under Boris Johnson. Among other things, it contains a total of 38 pieces of legislation aimed at reducing the cost of living for families and strengthening the economy of Great Britain. They also discussed the benefits that Brexit is expected to bring to Great Britain in the coming months.

The issue did not address the issue of leaving the European Union, which is currently very urgent from the perspective of Northern Ireland: the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Protestant Union Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has announced that it will refuse to form a government with the Nationalist Sinn Fin Party in the Northern Ireland region until London finds a solution to the Brexit agreement. The Sinn Fin party favors the reunification of Northern Ireland with Ireland, but a new government must be formed before a referendum can be held. However, it is doubtful when this will happen.

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The subject of Northern Ireland was not mentioned in the speech

The DUP is pushing for the removal of the freight border between Wales and Scotland on the one hand and Northern Ireland on the other as the region faces major economic damage. As part of the Brexit agreement with the European Union, the customs border was shifted to the Irish Sea. While the European Union has demanded that London communicate more honestly that it has agreed to the agreement, Foreign Secretary Listrus seems to be planning drastic measures to ensure stability in Northern Ireland.

They are drafting legislation that would remove key parts of the Northern Ireland protocol, including the need for customs controls, without further consultation with the European Union. However, Boris Johnson reiterated in a conversation with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin on Tuesday that no unilateral action was planned.

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