Granfondo Gavia Mortirolo 2022 classification: the story of the day

Granfondo Gavia Mortirolo 2022 classification: the story of the day

Perfect weather for this 18th edition of the Granfondo. Start at 7.30 via Roma. Possibility to choose the track during the race between three options 150km, 136km and 61km. More than 1200 cyclists initially

Photo courtesy of Stefano Spalletta

Passed the exam with full marks. Granfondo Gavia e Mortirolo is a gallery of sensations in nature. Patron Vittorio Mevio aims to evoke special emotions in the participants by pedaling in the extraordinary landscape and natural context facing Gavia and Mortirolo, legendary climbs that have marked the history of Italian cycling.

A satisfied Dario Corvi, the mayor of Africa at the direction of the municipality of Valtellina, a winter and summer vacation resort located on the alpine pass of the same name that connects Valtellina and Valcamonica, recently reaffirmed: “I thank GS Alp and Vittorio Mevio. The excellent organization of the performance of this event, this year again saw a stable growth in the number of participants. This I invite all cyclists to return to our region to continue pedaling the roads and legendary passes.

Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo provided the final points for those who subscribed to the circuit desired by Vittorio Mevi. The award ceremony for this edition will take place in Leiguglia in October and will be included in the program of an event organized over several days for the promotion of cycling tourism. As for the 2023 edition of the Gran Trofeo Gs Alpi circuit, four international tests scheduled for this year have been confirmed (Laigueglia, Alassio, Turin and Aprica).

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In the name of internationalism. More than a hundred cyclists from different countries set off from Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo: forty-four cyclists from the Netherlands, fourteen from Belgium, twelve Germans, eleven Hungarians, ten Swiss, nine English, six Danes and four Irish. and two Slovenians.

Photo courtesy of Stefano Spalletta

As for Italian cyclists, 416 were enrolled from Lombardy, 124 from Emilia Romagna and 116 from Piedmont.

The 24-year-old Matia Baldo (Team Executive Saw) from Rover, an under-23 amateur who completed his competitive career in the 2019 season and took his first seasonal win today, was the first to cross the finish line in Africa. Filippo Cagliari (Team Sildom Garda) in second place and Christian Dallago (Anter Bravo Cafe) in third.
Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo’s wooden finisher’s medal was awarded to all finishers of the three courses.
Luisa Iazzoni (Borio) won the women’s test, ahead of Carlotta Uber (Team Lapierre Trento) and Alessia Piallorsi (Team B3L).

The warrior Niki Giussani (Team Asnaghi Granfondo), after thirty kilometers of solitary escape, joined the two fastest pursuers in the test, including the climb to Cologne, entered for the first time this year, much appreciated by the participants. David Lombardi (Vitam in Cycling) won the final. Third place for Sergey Pomoshnikov (Team Soldum Garda). Giulia Portaluri instead crossed the finish line in Africa to give patron Marco Pippino’s Rodman Azimuth Squadra Corse a proud victory. On the second step of the podium Sarah Palfreder (Bormes) and third Chiara Massetto (PM Sport).

Luisa Iazzoni (Borio) won the race on the short course of Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo. Englishman Grant Ruari, already included in previous editions of the event, conquered the outright victory in the Granfondo, ahead of Riccardo Sanrossi (Highroad) and Aldo Caiati (Team Sildom Garda). The women’s test saw victory for Maria Elena Palmisano (Garda Scott) ahead of Slovenia’s Eva Zorman (Kk Pocinkovalnica Celje) and Piacenza Mara Manfredi (Vivo Mg.K Vis Dal Colle).

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“Not only in terms of commitment, but I want to thank the guys in the team who have supported me this season – says Vittorio Mevio – and now after a break I will return to work on the new version of the circuit. At the final award ceremony. I would like to thank all the cyclists who participated in our events, and our attention to safety It shows that they appreciate and appreciate the desire to pedal and entertain cyclists.Thanks to the companies that support us and the municipal administrations that have enthusiastically embraced our project.

At the final stage. The last cyclist to cross the finish line of Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo was Cacosa Maurizio (Sicli Pavone Sport) who took 10 hours 20 ′ 45 ″ to complete the 150 km of the race course.

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