Gragnano joins hands with Europe of students and teachers

studenti erasmus Gragnano

In recent days, foreign teachers attending one of the seven Erasmus projects activated by the “MKGandhi” Comprehensive Institute of Schools in the country have been welcomed into the Council Chamber of the Granano Tribune Municipality.

Similarly, the municipal institution is part of the roadmap of teachers who have come to our country to study from their childhood to primary and then to secondary school – school realities in our country, working conditions, activities carried out, workshops activated at various school levels. – As part of a significant mobility project aimed at exchanging knowledge between partner countries. Secondary school students greeted guests with notes of the European song “The Him to Joy” and other musical pieces, representing the event in 1892 when the Irish Anne Moore first entered the station as a European. .

After seeing first-hand the depiction of various scientific activities through the models (DNA, volcanoes, instruments) made by the children themselves, the olive branches given by the primary school children were brought in as a sign of peace and welcomed. Teachers and teachers from Turkey, Romania, Portugal and Bosnia entered the town hall with Valentina Spelta and Giovanna Guglielmetti. Here Mayor Patricia Kalsa briefly outlines the most important elements of her municipality’s history, geography, and economy. Guests were eventually honored by Piazza artists with a text, and two books on local history, one about the life of Paulina Pasaglia, the other about the partisan relay born in Granano, and the other about the exiled young mayor, Alberto Baldini. 1921 France.

“This is a beautiful Europe of culture, training and education – Patricia Kalsa – values ‚Äč‚Äčthat should always be encouraged and supported, especially in these dark days of our European history. This is an easy way to get started, and I thank the director and teachers for their work in this direction. (Press Note)

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