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Grading the 2020 Living Cert class has been my all-time hardest job

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The resurrection in the corner of the Duns 2020 is just one of the many unexpected things thrown at us, and it could very easily be avoided.

I’m well into my third decade of teaching, a job I really like. I get such a buzz from watching students progress and it is a privilege to witness their personal growth while studying. Knowing that you have played an active role in their development gives extraordinary job satisfaction, but the icing on the cake is when they take the time to tell you.

I had a message from a student I taught a decade ago during the lockdown. He used his time in isolation to find people on social media and reconnect with them. He updated me on his career path and completed the message by thanking me for my lessons from years ago.

“You encouraged us to be inclusive and to treat everyone with respect, dignity and wisdom. That class helped me with my soft and social skills, for which I am grateful. ”When you meet past students years later, most teachers will tell you that it is nothing more than the course content they mention in their memories.

I have been actively avoiding public communication with any student for over 20 years and in my view they are below class. As a result, the estimated grading process for leaving Cert 2020 is the hardest job I have ever been able to complete.

All my qualifications and experience tell me how inappropriate this is. Aside from the credibility of the grading, what is the purpose and validity of ranking students? Also, if anything, where is the value of the student finding their ranking?

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This was the plan until last week when the Department of Education received legal advice to release the class rankings in the wake of teacher setbacks. It is not yet certain whether students will receive this data immediately.

Regardless of this, has it not happened to anyone that there will be students who study exactly what is considered the foundation of the class in each subject? For 18 months they sat in their living certificate classrooms so they knew exactly how many students were in each group. This information does not hide the cruelty of the impact it may have on some young people.

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