Governments and Institutions Prepare for a New Wave of Afghan Refugees | National newspaper

Governments and Institutions Prepare for a New Wave of Afghan Refugees |  National newspaper

The Brazilian government has issued a statement expressing concern over the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. It is necessary to protect the achievements of the coming decades in relation to human rights, democracy and the socio-economic development of the country..

Governments and institutions from around the world spoke about the plight of Afghans and announced their intention to welcome refugees.

Historical images of people trying to flee Afghanistan carry a heavy burden on the people portrayed in the report. They are Afghans who have lived in England for some time and are experiencing an imaginary pain in these last days.

“This is my country … a very sad and difficult situation. Now I’m helping people out there sending videos and talking about how things are going. Did you see the airport footage? That’s why I cry, ”she said.

An organization that helps the Afghan community living in or around London. It was created by a refugee who left Afghanistan in 1999, when the country was ordered by the Taliban. Today people together, with children, help each other and follow the news.

A woman does not speak English well, but she is willing to say what she feels.

This is the worst moment in the history of Afghanistan. Selfish politicians are playing with people’s lives, he defined.

Anyone can run away from there. JN showed that the French ambassador to Kabul was going in a military helicopter.

A Germany sends paratroopers to evacuate embassy staff. Prime Minister Angela Merkel wants to save 10,000 people, including Afghans who worked for the German government.

But the strongest promise ever came from France: President Emmanuel Macron said the country was open to accepting refugees from Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern made a request.

I urge Taliban leaders to allow people to leave safely. The whole world will follow“, He requested.

Amnesty International has indicted foreign governments Measures to protect people who may be the target of Taliban retaliation: activists, academics, journalists, women’s rights activists.

Pope Francis has prayed for the Afghan people and said he joins the “unanimous” concern for the country.

Russia seems less concerned. Vladimir Putin’s government to maintain the embassy in Kabul Because it received security assurances from the Taliban.

China has expressed readiness to develop “friendly relations” with the militant group. China’s largest government – owned newspaper quoted the foreign ministry as saying, “China respects the choice and will of the Afghan people,” as if an election had taken place in the country..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said no one should accept the militant group as a government. There are already reports of human rights violations, and European countries fear a new immigration crisis. The fear of Afghanistan and Afghanistan is that anyone who can escape the Taliban will not be welcomed in the UK.

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