Government warns of robbery with alarm inhibitors in Newquin

Government warns of robbery with alarm inhibitors in Newquin

Last weekend, They arrested a couple from the capital, Newquin, who used alarm inhibitors to rob tourists from Villa La Angostura.. They stole more than a million pesos from cameras, cell phones and clothing. After the event, from the Ministry of Government and Security They warned of similar incidents across the province.

They recommended in a statement “Avoid leaving valuables in vehicles and manually check that the doors are closed.”

From the portfolio, inhibitors collide with mobile signals and cancel the electronic locks of cars or the electric gates of houses, but they do not open the doors themselves.

They commented that such robberies were common Presented in high density areas such as supermarket parking lots and shopping centers“.

To perform the trick, the person must be placed “10 or 15 meters” away. So they mentioned The perpetrators are usually Be in place when the inhibitor is activated “ Invited to file a complaint under suspicious circumstances.

“We urge the police to be alerted in such situations. This is a minor suspicion but it is not a problem. The police are ready to approach immediately,” said Mariana Dominguez, coordinator of the Undersecretary of Security.

Government statement, “Not to be a victim of a robbery Of these features, It is important that items are not found inside personal vehicles. “. They also recommend checking the car lock manually after parking.

Eventually, they were reminded of this feat by the Ministry of Defense A Nuquin couple steals millions from tourists in Villa La Angostura. However, similar incidents have been reported in the capital and in various cities in the province.

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