Government urges employers to make remote work permanent – latest news

Government urges employers to make remote work permanent - latest news

The new campaign aims to fully facilitate remote, home, co-ed and hub working options for employers and employees in Ireland.

After Kovid-19, the Irish government urged employers to make distance and homework a big part of their working lives.

Teniste, Enterprise, Commerce and Labor Minister Leo Varadkar, who launched a new remote work campaign this morning (June 28), said TD has proven it can work at home.

“It simply came to our notice then. Many want to return to the office, and many want to continue working from home or from a local remote center where they live. Most people need a mixture.

He said remote work should be a topic of choice in the future as long as businesses are able to function well and meet service needs.

“We need to make sure we don’t go back to the office and the old normal way because it’s safe and secure. We must seize this opportunity to create a new, better standard, ”he said.

“I urge employers to think about how remote work can become a permanent feature of life in the wake of an epidemic. Whether it’s keeping homework and the remote work optional, or working away from a mixed home, office model, or office and work center, it’s time for employers to talk about the best job for employees and business as a whole. “

The new campaign is based on the National Remote Action Strategy launched earlier this year, which underscores the government’s goal of making remote work a permanent feature of Irish workplaces.

Its three-pillar plan is to create a remote working environment, develop a remote operating infrastructure and provide a policy framework.

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Includes a checklist strategy with recommendations to help employers make fully remote, home, co-ed, and hub work options available to employees. It also covers areas such as health, security, data protection, working conditions and cyber security.

“I encourage employers and workers to talk to each other and agree on a more consistent arrangement that works for both.”
– Leo Varadkar

When launching the National Campaign, Varadkar reiterated the Government’s intention to establish broadband in all parts of Ireland as part of the National Broadband Plan.

He said the government would re-examine the treatment of long-distance jobs for taxes and expenses before the next budget and set a precedent for 20 per cent of public sector employees by making home and remote work the norm.

“I urge employers and workers to talk to each other and come to a more consistent arrangement so that everyone can be prepared if public health practices are facilitated.”

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