Government introduces bill to set up Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation ndc | Peru

Government introduces bill to set up Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation ndc |  Peru

The government has finally introduced a bill in Congress proposing the formation of a Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

That’s about it Sent to Maria del Carmen Alva (People’s Action), President of the National Parliament, for debate and final approval.

In an official letter to the owner of that state authority, Castle lamps It states that there is a vote of approval for the plan to form a new ministry Council of Ministers.

In addition, the document proposing to establish a new ministry includes 14 articles, 7 final supplementary provisions and 2 transitory complementary provisions.

It should be noted that Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation The President made the announcement in a message to the nation after taking office July 28, 2021.

At that point, Castle lamps He noted that the portfolio promotes the production of knowledge needed for Peru’s development and technological independence.

Similarly, he pointed out the need to study the potential of a career as a scientific and technological researcher. This is to include talented graduates and to repatriate migrants due to lack of opportunities.

“Due to our low level of science, technology and innovation, 79% of our products were manufactured in 2019 without any added value in exports. This percentage will increase to 81% by 2020. Due to climate globalization, this reality is expected to get worse. My government will encourage the formation of a new Ministry of Culture, Technology and Technology.Reported.

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