Government Circles: Strict lockdown should last for three weeks – that is

Government Circles: Strict lockdown should last for three weeks - that is

The Chancellor, her Chancellor, Helge Brown (CDU), and Labor Minister Hubertus Hale (SPD) have long recognized offices and other workplaces as a playground for the virus. Employers have recently been begging wherever home office opportunities can be created.

Merkel and her colleagues from the federal states want to make a strong appeal to employers and employees on Tuesday – once again. Government sources said the federal government wants to publicly examine what politicians have done to work from home. Bavaria has already announced that it will promote home offices through tax incentives.

It is quite true among government officials that a duty will be presented if all appeals fail to help. Target goal: It should be at least half of the employees living at home. Discusses a type of home office light duty. Accordingly, companies should be obligated to provide home offices if required.

According to government circles, the supplementary order is legally possible upon inspection by the Federal Ministry of Labor. However, it remains to be seen how this will be tested and what will happen if the offers are not used. Direct liability to employees cannot be legally enforced.

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