Government agreement, green light to order. Dragi: “Important response to poverty. April 8 to 11 billion businesses “

Government agreement, green light to order.  Dragi: “Important response to poverty.  April 8 to 11 billion businesses "

This order is an important response to poverty with the need to help businesses and workers. This is a partial answer, but it’s the maximum we can do with this order. Mario Draghi gives the green light to a system that aims to “give everyone more money and pay as fast as possible”. Payments will begin on April 8, “if all goes well, 11 billion will enter the economy circuit,” explains the Prime Minister, explaining how the newly dismissed order will work in favor of the self-employed. . But above all, he hopes that the “reduction” of those who suffer “job loss and recurring loss of benefits” will be favored. Of course, the head of government said, “This order is a partial answer, but this is the best we can do. Three-quarters of the money is allocated to businesses.” No wonder Palazzo underlined Chigi’s number one, “We have already considered the theory that a second share can be obtained while presenting the financial and economic document”. Funds, of course, also create additional public debt. But here the Prime Minister is very clear: about this is not the time to think about it. The rules of the Stability Agreement will be discussed, and it is difficult to keep them that way: debt requests have been made in Germany, Spain and France. The time will come to look at public debt, but this is not the case in an economy that is in a recession. In short, despite the growing debt, “this is not the time to think about it.” To those who are skeptical about quoting tax bills, the head of government replies, “This is a general amnesty. Within a bracket, the income limit, for a very small amount, allows zero bills. The overburdened government tells me to deal more efficiently with tax evasion. Importantly, the fact that amnesty is available today would not solve the problem.

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After a two-and-a-half-hour arms race, Minister Daniel Franco and Prime Minister Mario Draghi passed a mediation order in the folder node, raising doubts about a broader amnesty. So yes to cancel old files, but only with income tax not exceeding 30,000 euros. The white-shot shot on the cards is valid until 2011, initially it must be in the period 2000-2015. Until 2015, this was the mediation reached at CDM, and the cancellation should be linked to an upgrade for the efficiency of the collection system requested by Lega and Fi. The impression I got from the CDM today – Mario Draghi explains – was a satisfying experience to see everyone sharing on the table and trying to reconcile different perspectives, and above all it went well for me. We do not anticipate new changes, and the next few days will be crucial: we will try to see how the economy, the vaccination campaign, and the pandemic go. ” Yes, it is another crucial issue for the Pandemic government, but above all for the country. The head of government here explains that the slowdown in the vaccination campaign was not devastating. Ast I have not yet made a reservation, – explains the Prime Minister – but my age has entered those who can access vaccination, I will do it, of course I will do AstraZeneca. My son did this yesterday in London, no doubt, no defense. Finally, a joke about the future of government. “Parliament will decide its time horizon – he says – my job is to try to do it the way I consider it and the way ministers share it, as soon as possible, but the horizon is defined only by parliament.”

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